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Morelia Campus

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📞  (81)83582000 Ext. Administrative Office5094 Ext. Scholarships 5092 - 5101

Avenida Montaña Monarca 1340. Colonia Ejido Jesús del Monte. 58350 Morelia, MICH., México

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About our Campus
Campus history
Message from the director

On August 1, 2002, the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Morelia opened its doors to the community of Michoacán, the thirty-second campus of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

PrepaTec started with the bilingual program with a population of 118 students. 5 academic programs; 2 engineering programs and 3 in the business area, with a population of 167 students. In addition to the on-site master's degree program in administration, as well as the different graduate programs offered by the Virtual University of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

In August 2005, a second stage was built, which allowed for a better infrastructure that today houses laboratories, professors' offices and spaces that allow students to hold congresses and conferences, as well as different events organized by Tecnológico de Monterrey.

In December 2006, the Morelia campus graduated the first generation of professionals, who were placed in the first places in Tecnológico de Monterrey and at a national level due to their performance in the CENEVAL exam.

In 2007 our infrastructure was favored with a library that housed more than 75,000 volumes, with a capacity to serve a population of 3,000 students and at the same time in a space of more than two thousand square meters.

Tec de Monterrey is working on an educational model that has been successful and has set the standard for other universities to implement. This model is based on self-learning and different didactic techniques (collaborative work, cases, problem-based learning and project-based learning) supported by technology to make better use of information and develop different skills. Thus, the teacher becomes a facilitator of learning.

I am pleased to welcome you to the Tec de Monterrey Campus Morelia.

I would like to share with you that over the years we have strengthened our position as an institution of society for society. We are distinguished by academic excellence, educational innovation, entrepreneurship, global vision and links with the business sector.

I firmly believe that the contributions we have made and will continue to make have led to the human flourishing of our students, teachers, collaborators and EXATECs who contribute to a better future for our society.

Today we are committed to achieving the transcendence and impact of Tecnológico de Monterrey in the coming years, and I have no doubt that we will succeed. Let's continue transforming Michoacán together from our roots.

Randall Gregory Jesus Coffie

General Director

Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Morelia

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