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About Us

80 Anniversary Tec de Monterrey
About Us

At Tecnológico de Monterrey you will develop your professional and human potential through the high academic level, resources and programs of excellence we offer.

Institutional Government

Tecnológico de Monterrey is an institution of the society and for the society.

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Gobierno Institucional, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Our Institution

The Tecnológico de Monterrey, founded in 1943, is a private, non-profit institution committed to the quality of higher education in the country.
Formation that transforms lives

We use educational experiences to shape individuals into agents of change willing to work for the benefit of all—individuals who take responsibility for their own lives and are aware that their actions can transform others—capable, talented, upright, committed, involved visionaries with a global perspective and entrepreneurial spirit, not only at the university, but in all spheres of their lives.

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Formation that transforms lives
More about the institution

Strengthening and Development of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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Más sobre la institución


Using our channels, we amplify the stories of the Tec and give strength to our voices.
Tec Sounds Tec Sounds
Tec Sounds

It is the new audio platform of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

LIisten to the Podcast of Outliers, Cuida tu Mente, Con su Permiso, Territorio de Negocios y más. Encuéntranos también en: Apple® Podcasts, Spotify®, Google® Podcasts y Amazon Music®.

Podcast: Show Ola de Salud.

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Tec Sounds Radio Tec Sounds Radio
Tec Sounds Radio
Amplify your ideas!

XHTEC – 94.9 F.M. It transmits 24 hours a day with 20 thousand watts of power covering the City of Monterrey and its metropolitan area.

Our programming presents various contents of general interest to our audiences, seeking to inform in an objective and plural way, share knowledge, promote and disseminate art and culture, as well as provide healthy entertainment through its spaces that are performed by students, teachers, collaborators and EXATEC.

From Campus Visit our Specials, Events, Galleries, Videos and more

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TecReview TecReview
Science, innovation, leadership, and more

We satisfy the thirst for curiosity and never stop wondering and answering. Our site addresses science, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship issues.

Visit our website and learn about all of our channels.

Video: Are you tired of video calls? You are not the only one, look what happens to your brain.
🖥️ 🧠 Leadership in the Zoom Era: What about interactions, emotions, and the brain while zooming? How can we avoid the fatigue that zoom brought us?

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Conecta Conecta
The news site of Tecnológico de Monterrey

In CONECTA, you browse general categories of information (Education, Research, Sports, Business, Health, Art and Culture, as well as Outreach and Prestige) and also through the information generated in each of the 26 campuses and / or 7 thematic schools of Tecnologico from Monterrey across the country.

Visit our Specials, Events, Galleries, Videos and more.

Photo: Meet Conecta.

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Cultural Heritage

Our Culture, Our people, Our spaces.
Market TEC: products and services
Market Tec: products Market Tec Market Tec: services
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Borregos Stadium La Carreta Pavilion Luis Elizondo