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Integrity and Compliance

Integrity and Compliance - Tecnológico de Monterrey
Integrity and Compliance

Our Purpose

At Tecnológico de Monterrey, one of the guiding principles that drive us is “commitment to ethics and values”. For this reason, we promote ethical behavior throughout our entire community, aiming to conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and respect for human dignity, as well as justice, freedom, equality, responsibility, and compliance in all our actions and decisions, thus contributing to the flourishing of our entire community.

Therefore, from the Vice Presidency of Integrity and Compliance, our objective is:

“To ensure our community an experience in reliable, safe, and resilient Tec contributes to its flourishing”.

360° Integrity

As an Institution, we aim to ensure the ethical management of our institutions is based on respect for human dignity, integrity, and the experience of our values, to create a learning and working environment that lays the foundations for human flourishing, social commitment, and sustainability.

The 360° integrity unfolds in two dimensions: academic and institutional, both guided by an ethical and normative framework that serves as a reference for both.

  • Institutional Integrity
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity 
(Students and Faculty)


Integrity Ecosystem
(Management Processes and Reporting)


Integrity 360°


Ethical Alignment of Third Parties
(Suppliers, Partners, etc.)


Integrity and Ethics in our Institutions
(Integrity Training)