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Investigación Tecnológico de Monterrey

It is time to ignite science to create and share knowledge to solve high-impact problems. It is time to form a community of interdisciplinary talent to help us find the best answers to the major problems we face in the world today.

Interdisciplinary solutions for a world with complex problems

Through research, innovation and entrepreneurship, we have the potential to solve problems affecting society today. This is why we created three high-impact interdisciplinary institutes to help us generate better ideas and solutions to do our bit for a better society.

oriGen Project

Can a bank of 100,000 genes improve the health of Mexicans? Of course it can, and that is the idea.

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Which avocado oils are 100% pure?

A scientific study from Tec de Monterrey investigated whether commercial avocado oils in Mexico comply with or violate new international and national regulations for this healthy fat.

Find out more in Transferencia Tec, Tec de Monterrey´s scientific site of disclosure.

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The difference of doing research at TecResearch

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It is the private university with the most professors in the National System of Researchers, with 637 professors at present, and a great generator of patents.

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It is the only university in Latin America with a research collaboration agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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Tecnológico de Monterrey is moving forward to become a world-class university, with its strategic plan based on 3 pillars: Research, Innovation and Internationalization.

Research that opens the door to collaborations - Research Centers

Centro de Biotecnología Centro de Biotecnología

Centro de Biotecnología FEMSA

It is currently one of the most prestigious high-impact research centers in the country with the highest scientific production of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, working in three lines of action: Academia, Basic and applied research, and the provision of analysis, consulting and technological development services to industry. Research is carried out around four thematic axes: Bioprocesses, Food Technology, Synthetic Biology and MultiOMICS. However, the work in this center is not only focused on the generation of knowledge and the preparation of highly trained human resources, but also on the generation of patents, cutting-edge technological solutions for industry, technology transfer and incubation of biotechnology-based companies based on start-ups and spin-offs. Translated with (free version)

Director: Dr. José Guillermo González Valdez

Ciditec Ciditec

Centro de Innovación en Tecnologías Digitales

The center focuses on training researchers and specialized consultants involved in identifying and answering questions arising out of product design and engineering globalization, intelligent and reconfigurable manufacturing processes, and logistics systems. The center uses its intellectual capital, infrastructure, and strategic alliances with key technology providers and prestigious universities around the globe to obtain the best possible results.

Director: Prof. Sergio Uribe

Centro del Agua Centro del Agua

Centro del Agua

It has positioned itself as a unique ecosystem at Tecnológico de Monterrey dedicated to applied research, technological development, development of innovation projects, research and detailed engineering, training of human capital, and the design of comprehensive solutions on issues of management and sustainable use of water in the face of a challenging scenario of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Director: Dr. Aldo Iván Ramírez Orozco


Centro de Innovación y Transferencia en Salud

The center specializes in health research, innovation, and transfer. Its main lines of research include cardiology, cell therapy, hematology and cancer, ophthalmology, nutrition, and health system administration.

Director: Dr. Marco Antonio Rito Palomares



In pursuit of high-level science

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Research Data Hub

An Open Data Hub is an online data repository that preserves research data over time and helps other researchers to find it.

At Tec de Monterrey we have the Research Data Hub (RDH), an open research and innovation platform for dissemination, which allows us to publicize the research being done at the institution. Here you will find research data from all areas and disciplines of knowledge generated in schools and institutes.

Are you a researcher at Tec de Monterrey? You can deposit your research data in the RDH to be preserved, used and cited by other institutions.

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