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CoreLab Preclínica

Core Lab: Preclinical Research

What is the Preclinical Research Core Lab?


It is a space designed to support research, education, and development activities.

Our goal is to support researchers in the development of experimental models for safety and efficacy testing of drugs, food, medical devices, among many others, as well as the generation of knowledge.

Functional structure
About Core Lab
Why work with us?

Trained personnel for the design and development of research, education, and industry protocols.

2Spaces and infrastructure for managing animals (rats, mice, and rabbits).

3Trained personnel for basic procedures (blood sampling, vital signs, non-invasive pressure taking, administration of drugs or molecules.

Assistance in performing specialized surgeries.

Performing minor surgeries and euthanasia.

Collaboration networks
preclinica core lab

Targeted to:

Schools and Institutes of Tecnológico de Monterrey.
Institutions and universities that have agreements with the research teams of our institution.

Procedure to request and develop protocols

* The Institutional Committee for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (CICUAL) is an impartial body in charge of monitoring and promoting the humane use and care of laboratory animals. It comprises personnel with extensive experience in animal research and management.

Contact for reports and quotes

M en C. Noemí García | CoreLab Leader - Preclinical Research |

MVZRA Antonio Joel Ruiz Uribe | Operations Coordinator

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