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What is the Core Lab Data Science?

Core Lab Data Science
Core Lab Data Science

What is the Core Lab Data Science?

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Core Lab Data Science provides High Performance Processing services using CPUs and GPUs, as well as Data Storage services.

Core Lab also has specialized software for specific projects.

In addition, it is in contact with other organizational units of Tec de Monterrey to develop projects of Descriptive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and GenAI, using Statistics and Machine Learning.

What are the differentiators, through the Core Lab?

conexión escuelas e instituos core lab

Connection with Institutes and Schools of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

proyectos a la medida

Custom projects

conexion universidades core labs

Connection with Universities

conexion plataformas especializadas core labs

Connection with specialized platforms

recurso humano especializado

Highly specialized human resource

Core Lab Data Science

Intended for:

  • Tecnológico de Monterrey´s Institutes and Schools
  • Universities, institutions, and external organizations in need of high-performance IT infrastructure for ML (Machine Learning)
  • Universities, institutions, and external organizations in need of AI projects development

Our services

What is our value proposition?


ETL – Extraction, Transform and Load

Data Cleaning, Transformation and Storage


Data Dashboards, Deployment, Operation (MLOps)

alto desempeño

Computational Simulation through High Performance Computing


Generative AI

Analisis descriptivo

Prediction and Forecasting

Analisis causal


análisis predictivo

Smart Choices

Sistemas Autónomos

Autonomous Systems

análisis prescriptivo


análisis prescriptivo

Recommendation Systems

análisis prescriptivo


actividades investigacion

Intelligent Automation

análisis prescriptivo

Anomaly Detection and Monitoring

Generación de contenido

Content Generation

Interfaces de usuario

Interfaces de usuario conversacionales

análisis prescriptivo

Knowledge Discovery

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Core Lab: Data Science
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