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Genomics Core Lab

Core Lab: Genomics

What is the Genomics Core Lab?

core lab genomics

Core Lab Genomics - Bio Accelerated Sequencing Environment - is the Tecnologico de Monterrey Laboratory where Massive Next Generation Genomic Sequencing (NGS) is performed.

Our VISION is to strengthen research, generation, and transfer of knowledge in Mexico through the production and analysis of genomic data applied transversally in areas such as clinical medicine, genomic medicine, agribusiness, food, disease diagnosis, the study of environmental samples, and genomic epidemiology.

Services offered


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Why work with us?

Our Genomics Core Lab is the only laboratory at the National Level that has all the Illumina technology equipment, from the smallest (Iseq) to the largest (Novaseq), allowing us to handle greatly diverse samples for sequencing, from small genomes of microorganisms to large quantities of genomes of complex organisms. We have established services such as Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Exome, RNA-Seq, Single Cell Sequencing, Shotgun metagenomics, 16s Metagenomics, Sequencing of Specific Fragments, and Environmental DNA.

Another added value is that the operation model allows us to provide external services to researchers outside of Tecnologico de Monterrey. In addition, the commercial agreements with Illumina enable us to offer competitive prices and results delivery times in Latin America. We also have highly trained specialists and automated peripheral equipment for generating libraries, allowing us to execute projects robustly, efficiently, and reliably.

Finally, the human resources expertise of Core Lab Genomics facilitates our very personalized attending to projects in various areas, such as food, medicine, agricultural industry, and diagnostics.


Who are our collaborating partners?

IMSS-21st Century – Mexico. We are currently working on a project related to clinical samples of cancer recurrence.

University of Azuay – Ecuador. We are elaborating several projects related to using probiotics from fermented foods.

INMEGEN – Mexico. Human Exome Sequencing.

Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology UNAM – Mexico. Population genomics.

University of the Sea - UMAR, Puerto Ángel Campus. Environmental DNA.

National Cancer Institute - INCan. Shotgun metagenomics and exomes.

Desert Museum - MUDE. Conservation genomics and transcriptomics for the characterization of bioactive molecules.

oriGen Project - Whole Genome Sequencing.

Solena - Advice and consulting in agricultural metagenomics.

National School of Higher Studies of Morelia - Mangrove population genomics.


Equipment and technology

Manager and contact information

Dr. Rocío Alejandra Chávez Santoscoy

Research professor and Leader of the Core Lab Genomics y

Biotechnology Center- FEMSA 1st. floor