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Institute for the Future of Education

Institute for the Future of Education

Create the future of education and improve the lives of millions of people

Since its foundation, Tecnológico de Monterrey has been an institution with an innovative spirit. As part of our vision, to form innovative and entrepreneurial leaders who generate knowledge and put it into practice through solutions that improve the quality of life, we must continue to change, hence the creation of an institute dedicated to educational innovation.

Our Purpose

We generate, transfer and disseminate applicable knowledge on educational innovation in an experimental, interdisciplinary, open, and world-class way, connecting, inspiring, and accompanying those who seek disruptive solutions for the future of higher education and lifelong learning.


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Creating an open platform for breakthrough research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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Networking with interdisciplinary partners and key global actors.

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Making it Happen

Developing an ecosystem for the advancement of education in universities and lifelong learning.

The future predicts several disruptions for education:


  • Artificial Intelligence will change the way we learn.
  • Lifelong Learning will exponentially grow as people will need to reinvent themselves more often due to the 4th industrial revolution.
  • Neuro-education will make learning more efficient as we will better understand how people learn.
  • EdTech industry will have accelerated growth.

The Institute for the Future of Education drives research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in educational innovation by collaborating with professionals worldwide to meet today's educational challenges and create the future of education.


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