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Portada Instituto de Materiales Avanzados-Tec de Monterrey

Institute of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Manufacturing

At Tec de Monterrey, state of the art knowledge and research about advanced materials and manufacturing models are the best way to resolve the enormous challenges that have resulted from the current development model.


Humanity's future urgently requires innovative production processes that meet societal needs while simultaneously reducing or reversing negative environmental impacts.

Through the Institute of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Manufacturing, Tec de Monterrey conducts scientific and applied research, developing and innovating technologies to generate new materials and design sustainable manufacturing processes.

The institute is divided into 4 units:

Enabling technologies for the development of advanced materials

Leader of Unit in Guadalajara: Rita Quetziquel Fuentes Aguilar
Development of technological platforms to discover and create materials and manufacturing processes in an accelerated manner, integrating artificial intelligence and disruptive technology based on innovative and sustainable materials.

Leader of Unit in Mexico City: Pedro Ponce Cruz
To improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process and reduce the impact of CO2 on the environment through designing and implementing advanced technologies.

Accelerated Materials Development

Leader of Unit in Mexico City: Dora Iliana Medina Medina
The unit is looking forward to originate alternatives to reduce the use of plastic derived from petroleum by developing innovative polymeric bio-based materials for sustainable food packaging with eco-friendly characteristics.

Leader of Unit in Monterrey: Alex Elías Zúñiga
Accelerated development of advanced light-weighting materials and disruptive innovations to enhance material properties and improve manufacturing processes. This Unit aims to develop life-changing products and services to build a better future.

Manufacturing Processes for Advanced Materials

Leader of Unit in Mexico City: Mariel Alfaro Ponce and Arturo Molina Gutiérrez
The unit optimizes and redesigns processes to make them more efficient in their energy consumption, reduce emissions (CO2), greener consumption and processing with high production performance.

Competitive Intelligence and Public Policies for Sustainable Manufacturing

Leader of Unit: Fernando Gómez Zaldívar
Carry out research and analysis to identify strategic opportunities for public-private cooperation and the design of technological policy proposals to create social value by transforming the manufacturing industry towards zero emissions.

The institute develops two strategic projects:

Processes and technologies for CO2 capture, use and reduction in manufacturing

Leader of Strategic Project: Alejandro Montesinos Castellanos
Solutions for decarbonization of industrial sector through development of materials and smart processes. Processes to reduce/capture/utilization of CO2 using advanced nano-structured catalysts and machine learning.

Bioproduction systems in manufacturing processes

Leader of Strategic Project: Roberto Parra Saldívar
Developing research in bioproduction of advanced materials through circular economy with high-value products and regenerative systems for the planet, from waste to wealth, generation solutions on medicines, food and the environment.

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Instituto de Materiales Avanzados para la Manufactura Sostenible
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