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Institute for Obesity Research

Institute for the Future of Education
Institute for Obesity Research
We come together to solve one of Mexico's major public health challenges: Obesity.

Obesity is a pandemic we have faced for a long time. It is a global problem affecting individuals, families, and countless communities everywhere. In Mexico and the world, obesity leads to serious health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer, and diabetes. In addition to its impact on health, obesity bears social and economic costs.

Our purpose

The Institute generates forefront knowledge through scientific rigor and analysis, developing ideas and innovative solutions to the problem of obesity through inter- and trans-disciplinary work and creating scientific-technological companies to improve the health and well-being of people and society.

About our funds

The Institute for Obesity Research belongs to Tecnológico de Monterrey, and as such, is a non-profit initiative that works with its institutional resources. Its funding comes from the financial resources of Tecnológico de Monterrey patrimony.
It also receives external resources from national and international institutions that fund the scientific research under a contest scheme, co-developments with institutions and resources obtained through philanthropy.

The lines of research and projects carried out by the Institute are defined with absolute independence from the sources of financing, whether internal or external. The researchers adhere to a code of ethics and must declare in their research the sources of the resources used, as well as any possible conflicts of interest. This Institute creates scientific knowledge and generates analysis, ideas and innovative solutions to the obesity problem, through inter and transdisciplinary work that aims to improve the health and well-being of society. All these efforts have the objective of carrying out actions and seeking solutions to face the great challenges of mankind.



icono conocer



Generation of knowledge for healthy eating and the prevention and reduction of obesity

icono desarrollar



Development of therapies, procedures, and devices to combat obesity and metabolic diseases

icono habilitar



Facilitator of science-technology-based companies that promote metabolic health

icono apoyar



Support for decision-making that builds healthier societies

The institute is nourished by the work of five units

unidad alimentos saludables unidad alimentos saludables
Healthy Food
Janet Gutierrez Uribe

Healthy Food Unit
Leader: Dr. Janet Alejandra Gutiérrez Uribe


Seeks the development of foods that prevent and combat obesity and other comorbidities associated with metabolic syndrome. Develops and validates foods that prevent and combat obesity and other comorbidities associated with metabolic syndrome. It involves nutrigenomics, personalized feeding, and the development of ingredients to provide healthy and sustainable options to society.

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unidad Bioingeniería y Dispositivos Médicos unidad Bioingeniería y Dispositivos Médicos
Bioengineering and Medical Devices
Marco Antonio Rito Palomares

Bioengineering and Medical Devices Unit
Leader: Dr. Marco Antonio Rito Palomares


Develops and optimizes bioengineering platforms to produce new commercial products focused on the early detection and prevention of metabolic disorders associated with obesity.

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Unidad de Biología Integrativa Unidad de Biología Integrativa
Integrative Biology
Dra Rocío Díaz

Integrative Biology Unit
Leader: Dr. Rocío Isabel Díaz de la Garza


Generates functional knowledge and cutting-edge technologies for diagnosing, preventing, and treating metabolic diseases and obesity by integrating a large, diverse amount of experimental data on individuals, populations, and their environments.

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unidad medicina experimental unidad medicina experimental
Experimental Medicine
Dr Gerardo García

Experimental Medicine and Advanced Therapies Unit
Leader: Dr. Gerardo de Jesús García Rivas


Characterizes the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to the development of metabolic diseases and obesity. Proposes and evaluates new experimental prevention and treatment therapies in preclinical models, which lay the foundations for clinical studies of patients with metabolic disease and obesity.

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Unidad de Políticas Públicas en Salud Unidad de Políticas Públicas en Salud
Public Policy
Gustavo Merino Juárez

Public Policy Unit
Leader: Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Merino Juárez


Researches and analyzes the social, economic, and public policy factors that affect obesity and food, their impact on society and the economy, and actions that, from the fields of public policy, economics, and law, can contribute to reducing obesity and improving nutrition.

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For its vision and structure: a unique institute of its kind.

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