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Hidalgo Campus

General Information
Campus Hidalgo warmly welcomes you to this space where you can learn more about our educational offerings. We invite you to schedule your visit with us. Find us at:
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📞  (81)83582000 

Blvd. Felipe Ángeles No. 2003, Pachuca, Hidalgo. C.P. 42083

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About our Campus
Message from the Director

Tecnológico de Monterrey in Hidalgo was born from the dream of a group of visionary entrepreneurs in the 1970s, who were committed to their region and sought to contribute to its development by expanding and improving educational options in the state.

Thus, on August 8, 1980, the Hidalgo Unit of Tecnológico de Monterrey was inaugurated. At that time, the facilities were housed in a rented house on Manuel Carpio Street in downtown Pachuca. By 1982, the campus had moved to its current location and offered a 2-year high school program. The student population was 119, served by 17 administrative staff and professors, who, under the leadership of Ing. Eudaldo Rubio, laid a solid foundation for the institution.

By 1996, we already had a main auditorium, a gymnasium with a capacity for 1300 people, and a water treatment plant, serving more than 750 students and three student groups with offices, music rooms, and photography studios.

In 2005, we celebrated 25 years of Tec in Pachuca, Hidalgo. That year, the main entrance, the perimeter wall, and the professional laboratories were inaugurated.

This marked the beginning of Tec de Monterrey in the state. Now, 39 years after its founding, the campus continues to grow and innovate its facilities to be the best private university in Hidalgo. In recent years, the university’s Student Center was built, the basketball court floor was renovated, and high-tech, mobile classrooms were designed as part of the Tec21 Model. Looking ahead to future challenges, Tec Hidalgo campus continues to reinvent itself to be an educational benchmark in Pachuca.

Currently, the General Director of Campus Hidalgo is C.P. Claudia Gallegos Cesaretti, and David Garza Salazar is the current President of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Welcome to the Tec de Monterrey, Campus Hidalgo!

Here, evolution is our constant travelling companion; every step we take towards academic excellence is designed to be personal, relevant and meaningful, creating an unforgettable experience for all of you.

Our commitment goes beyond the classroom: we foster an entrepreneurial spirit and strong bonds with our communities. We seek to impact lives through knowledge and real action that benefit each student and our society as a whole.

We want your journey in the Tec to be an experience full of learning, personal growth and opportunities. At Campus Hidalgo you will find the tools to turn your dreams into reality and, together, we will build bridges to a bright future.

Remember that you are the agents of change and innovation in our community, helping to write stories of cooperation, progress and success. Every step you take will have an impact, so we encourage you to do so responsibly and with a human touch. Our purpose is to build a learning environment for your personal and professional growth.

This is Campus Hidalgo: a space in constant evolution, where excellence and commitment are the driving force for your dreams.

We are very excited to accompany you on your path to success!

Sincerely yours,

Octavio Díaz Barriga Guízar, MBET

Campus Director


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