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Olivia Chapa Miñana - Faculty

Olivia Chapa Miñana


Campus Estado de México, School of Architecture, Art and Design, Tecnológico de Monterrey.



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Graduated as Architect Engineer at the National Polytechnic Institute in 1986, Olivia has been dedicated to the design and construction of residential housing since then and her passion for teaching led her to combine both activities.

She studied Education Sciences, first the bachelor's degree and then the master's degree. She obtained a master's degree in Urban Planning focusing on Real Estate Development from UNAM, and a degree with the thesis "Objective Choice of Land Use in Properties with High Social Impact."

She performs real estate valuation and evaluation of investment projects. She teaches subjects related to projects, costs and construction systems. In addition, she teaches the Leadership for Construction Administration module in the Construction Administration diploma at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

She is developing the thesis for the Doctorate in Urbanism with the theme Urban habitability in pedestrian roads.

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Teaching Activities

Projects and costs

Construction systems

Leadership for Construction Administration

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Education and Training

Architect Engineer, National Polytechnic Institute

Master of Urbanism with a specialty in Real Estate Development, UNAM