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Faculty of Excellence

What is the Faculty of Excellence initiative?

Faculty Of Excellence is an initiative dedicated to bringing extraordinary, world-renowned professors with distinguished experience and remarkable ideas to Tecnológico de Monterrey.

These professors will contribute to the generation of knowledge and lead impactful projects that will inspire and enhance the experience of our students, our faculty, and the community at large.

Capitalizing on the extensive collaborative networks of Tecnologico de Monterrey and our bet on innovation in education, they will have the opportunity to leave their own personal mark and become agents of positive transformation in society and the world.


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Our Faculty of Excellence are:

  • Leading authorities in their field.
  • Internationally recognized.
  • Actively publishing in high-quality journals, books, and magazines.
  • Academics with excellent credentials.
  • Leaders with a deep understanding of the global context and current challenges of the world.
  • Globally connected and influential with relevant networks and stakeholders.
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The impact they will generate

  • Inspire our students, our faculty and our community.
  • Contribute to the generation and dissemination of knowledge and ideas.
  • Attract the brightest students across the globe.
  • Shape the future leaders of Mexico and Latin America.
  • Leave a local footprint with global impact.
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Why come to Tec?

  • Amplify and generate novel and exciting environments of collaboration with other internal and external members of the Tec community.
  • Build on Tec’s existing world-class research ecosystem and shape its future by leading on impactful projects.
  • Connect with the extensive network of key national and international stakeholders.
  • Capitalise on Tec's current cutting edge facilities supported by a competitive and attractive research package.
  • Dedicated support for our Faculty of Excellence to take advantage of the vast number of opportunities to leave a footprint in Mexico, and in Latin America.

Schools’ Strategic Areas

Each of the six National Schools of Tecnológico de Monterrey has defined different areas of strategic focus, identified as the major trends and challenges in our current society.

Learn more about the different areas of strategic focus of each National School: 

  • Leadership and effective & efficient organizations
  • Development of conscious enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation with impact
  • Organizational strategy and transformation of industries 
Art, Architecture, and Design
  • Cities (Urbanism,  Regenerative Design, Social Innovation)
  • Design for Value (Design Management, Design Futures, Design Thinking)​
  • @rts (Contemporary production, New technologies, Participatory Processes)​
Engineering and Science
  • Tec Bio
    • Genomics
    • Synthetic Biology
  • Tec Cyber
    • Data Science 
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine learning and Robotics
    • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Tec Nano
    • Sensors and devices
    • Advanced materials
  • Tec Nexus
    • Sustainable and autonomous mobility
    • Decarbonization, circularity and climate change 
    • Sustainable logistics
Education and Humanities
  • Education for Sustainable Development​
  • ​Digital Humanities​
  • Creative Industries​
  • Cultural Heritage and Symbolic Capital​
  • Gender Equality ​
Social Sciences and Government
  • Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty
  • Data Science in Public Policy
  • Decision Making Computational Decision Making
Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Metabolism and Diabetes
  • Biomedicine

Our Faculty of Excellence

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Faculty of Excellence
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