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At Tec de Monterrey we are committed to the constant development of our Academic Talent Plan. Part of this plan includes a comprehensive portfolio of  collaboration schemes and contracts for academics all over the world. 

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If you are interested in applying for an academic job with us, check the following possibilities. 

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Be part of our Faculty

The development and growth of our academic programs and the Research agenda carried out in all our 6 Schools, relies primarily on the strength, academic quality and hard work of our world class Full Time Professors. 

This type of permanent collaboration involves a 40 hour per week contract in which our professors divide their academic load according to their discipline and development stage in one of our 5 developmental tracks: Research, Entrepreneurship, Consultant, Educational innovation or Clinical Practice.

To learn more about job opportunities, please click the School you are interested in applying to: 


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Visiting Professor

Visiting professor positions are temporary, with a contract period of 1-2 years for candidates holding a doctoral degree. These positions can be offered to international instructors who find in Tec de Monterrey the perfect location to enhance their teaching skills through TEC21 Educational innovation or for those who allocate a research project in collaboration with our Faculty.  Candidates will receive relocation assistance, housing allowance and work permit sponsorship.

To learn more about job opportunities, please click the School you are interested in applying to: 


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Global Visiting Professor

Our current global scenario has allowed us to consolidate this type of collaboration with dozens of highly renowned academics around the world. With this scheme, Professors who live in or outside Mexico engage in our vibrant Educational Model teaching up to two online courses per semester without leaving their city if they live in Mexico or their country if they live abroad. These contracts are flexible and intended to adapt to the candidate’s availability so they can last from one month to one-two years. The professor is allowed to choose their delivery method: either in-person classes or online lectures. 

If you are interested in joining Tec the Monterrey for a year or more, please click the School link and look for a job posting called “Foreign Visiting Professor”´: 

If you are interested in joining our Faculty for less than a year, please visit: Academic Jobs 

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Part Time On-Campus Professor

The demands of our Tec21 Educational Model, require the expertise and knowledge of active practitioners who also have excellent academic credentials and an international Vision. Every semester we receive hundreds of applications of brilliant Professionals in their fields who pursue a part time position in our departments. 

This is a semester-long position in which Professors are fully responsible of teaching and sharing their knowledge of 1 or 2 groups in our different programs and Schools. 

If you want to join us please click here.

Why come to Tec?

Tecnológico de Monterrey is a Mexican private university founded in 1943 in the north of the country, in the city of Monterrey. Since its inception, our institution was created without a profit-making intention to meet the demands of society in an innovative manner and with strong impact on the lives of the people it serves. Everything we do at Tec can be synthesized in the inspiring phrase that gives life to our Vision towards 2030.

“Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for human flourishing”. Our purpose is to provide education that transforms lives


Tec’s Data and Figures

Convinced that the impact we want to have in our society cannot be achieved in just one region of the country, Tec de Monterrey has expanded since its foundation to 25 cities in 26 campuses where our Undergraduate and Graduate programs are offered to more than 89,000 students who attend our classrooms every day and participate in our classes and challenges to transform their lives.

If you want to know more about Tec’s Data and Figures click here.

Tec’s standings in Global Ranking

At Tec, we have always pursued our own evaluation and continuous improvement. The Institution holds itself to the highest standards of collaboration with partner universities and contributions to academic progress, as well as commitment to society and resolution of socio-economic problems in Mexico and around the world.

The ranking results provide the basis for setting even more goals that are ambitious for us as an institution for the benefit of our students and society. The implementation of our Tec21 Educational Model, which allows us to endorse our commitment to excellence education, is an example of this.

Another example is the consistent growth in Global Rankings that has allowed our institution to be part of some of the leading top 100 universities in certain disciplines and be considered consistently within the Top 5 universities in Latin America.

If you want to review Tec's standings in Global Rankings, please click here.