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B.A. in Nutrition and Wellness

Wellness starts from the inside

Mastering food properties and their impact in human health has become a major concern for individuals seeking for holistic well-being. Persuing a BA in Nutrition and Wellness prepares you with essential tools and habilities to engage in preventing, diagnosing and treating diet-related challenges.
Clinical settings and internationalization

Career field

On persuing a Nutrition and Wellness Degree, you will be able to participate professionally in the following settings:

  • Private office
  • Clinics, hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • Consulting in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Government companies and/or institutions focused on food services and/or prevention programs


Is this right for you?

If you value healthy habits and are passionate about the health benefits of having a balanced diet, then you are in the right place.

The three stages of the model

Choose your path

Radar LNB

1 Exploration

  1. You will open your competency file and add to it throughout your degree program.
  2. You will learn the foundations of the area of Business.
  3. You will participate in fundamental and exploration challenges from the area of Business, interacting with peers from different degree programs.
  4. You will study general education courses, selecting them from a collection.
  5. You will participate in a challenge that integrates all the competencies to be developed in this phase.

2 Focus

  1. You will acquire the core competencies of your degree, in other words, those that distinguish it.
  2. You will participate in more focused challenges to reinforce what you have learned and broaden your basic knowledge.
  3. You will have the elements to decide whether to deepen your knowledge or diversify and, subsequently, build your specialization plan.
  4. The Tec Weeks, challenges and overall university experiences will enrich your file.

3 Specialization

  1. You have decided between diversifying or focusing deeply in your major, which you will achieve by choosing a concentration or a stay, to name a few of your options. The TEC Semester is a flexible time to start.
  2. You will develop the competencies related to your specialization, increasingly connected to your passions, interests and plans. 
  3. By passing a concentration, you will develop your competencies, and, on graduating, will be a candidate for obtaining a Diploma in that concentration, after meeting the established requirements.


How can you specialize?


Concentraciones  Concentrations

Specialize in one of the different concentrations available at the campus of your choice, according to the profile you would like to develop.

Estancias  Internships

Internships allow you to participate in the development of specific projects with companies, organizations, or research groups, in a context of total immersion related to a specialty field. They can be carried out locally, nationally or internationally.

Experiencias  International experiences

Experience life outside Mexico to broaden your horizons and delve into the topics of your interest.

Materias  Courses or blocks

Choose the education units that best adapt to your objectives, enabling you to specialize in your specific interests.



Delve into your field of study


   There are no disciplinary concentrations for this degree



Delve into other fields of study

  • Conscious Business
  • Entrepreneurial Families, Sustainability and Transcendence
  • Financial Vision for Decision-Making

*These concentraciones are not the definitive offer and their availability varies by campus.

B.A. in Nutrition and Wellness Syllabus

Plan de estudios LNB

Recurso 1 General education course

Recurso 2 Area exploration courses

Recurso 3 Introductory block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 4 Area exploration block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 5 Exploration topic (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 6 Track integrating block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 7 Disciplinary course

Recurso 8 Disciplinary block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 9 Integrating disciplinary block (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 10 TEC Semester

Recurso 11 Multidisciplinary professional elective (CHALLENGE)

Recurso 12 Final integrating block (CHALLENGE)

Download the area infographic

LNB Infographic
Primer Semestral
Elective Course Mathematics and Science
Musculoskeletal System
Basics of Good Health
Digestive System
Metabolism and Energy
Oxygen Supply and Consumption
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms
Energy Management
Human Genetics
Endocrine System
Segundo Semestral
Elective Course Humanities and Fine Arts
Life Cycle: Fertilization and Pregnancy
Life Cycle: Childhood and Adolescence
Life Cycle: Adulthood
Human Reproduction
Growth and Development
Emotional and Behavioral Development
Renal Morphophysiology
Nervous System
Tercer Semestral
Elective Course Social and Behavioral Sciences
Healthy Environments for the Elderly
Innovation in Public Health
Management and Innovation in Health
Research Methods
Human Microbiota
Public Health and Biostatistics
Blood and Hematopoiesis
Introduction to Clinical Practice
Exploration Topic
Cuarto Semestral
Elective Course Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Nutritional Diagnosis
Nutritional Intervention
Nutrition Care Process
Nutritional Biochemical and Clinical Assessment
Exercise Physiology
Methodology and Design of Physical Exercise Programs
Quinto Semestral
Elective Course Ethics and Citizenship
Food Service Management
Food Science
Food Technology
Nutrigenetics: Personalized Nutrition
Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics: Personalized Nutrition
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Sexto Semestral
Nutritional Diagnosis in Population
Nutrition Programs Design
Nutritional Therapy in Adult Obesity
Nutrition and Physical Performance
Nutritional Therapy in Metabolic Syndrome
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Childhood and Adolescence
Integrative Nutrition
Culture and Psychology of Food
Multidisciplinary Model of Health Care
Primer Trimestral
Clinical Nutrition in Wellness
Clinical Nutrition for Adolescents and Adults
Exercise and Disease Management
Models and Techniques for Behavior Modification
Eating Disorders
Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Quality Healthcare and Patient Safety
Segundo Trimestral
Clinical Elective I
Clinical Elective II
Clinical Elective III
Professional Elective I
Professional Elective II
Professional Elective III
Tercer Trimestral
Clinical Nutrition in Internal Medicine
Clinical Nutrition in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Clinical Nutrition in Surgery
Pathophysiology in Internal Medicine
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Internal Medicine I
Nutrition Support Fundamentals
Medical Nutrition Therapy for Metabolic Stress
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Internal Medicine II
Pathophysiology in Surgery
Drug-Nutrient Interaction
Cuarto Trimestral
Pediatric Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition in Pediatrics and Critically Ill Pediatric Patient
Clinical Nutrition in Gynecology
Pathophysiology in Pediatrics
Entrepreneurship and Management in Health
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Pediatrics I
Nutritional Support in Pediatrics
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Pediatrics II
Pathophysiology in Gynecology
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Gynecology
Campus Monterrey

Campus Chihuahua
Campus Ciudad de México
Campus Guadalajara

Campus Querétaro

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