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80th anniversary

Life at Campus

8 out of 10 high school and undergraduate students participate in student leadership development activities.

Student Talent Development

Talent is expressed differently in each and every one of us and becoming a member of the Tec community gives you the opportunity to embrace a student environment where you can discover, put into practice or drive your talent. The Tec offers innumerable opportunities for your integral education and for you to combine your professional studies with whatever you are passionate about.

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Talento Artístico y Cultural

Artistic and Cultural Talent

We wholeheartedly believe that through artistic expression, students can cultivate their potential in literature, drama, music, art and dance and express their concerns, interests and emotions.

We offer workshops, cultural and arts classes where you can learn and grow your skills in different artistic expressions. Such as contemporary dance, jazz, hip, hop, Latin rhythms, Arabian and Irish dance. As well as take classes in guitar, keyboard, percussion, painting, photography, amongst many others.

You can participate in plays, concerts, musical theater productions and/or join our theater, music, dance companies.

At Tec, you can participate in nationwide competitions in dance, creative writing, monologs and music performance. Also, some traditional folk dance companies have travelled and toured Europe, Asia, Latin America and United States.

You will appreciate fine arts through the “Escuela de Espectadores”, or collaborate with masters in lighting, scenery, sound, costume, make-up, through the “Escuela de Productores”.

The opportunities are exponential. Extraordinary talents have cultivated their talents within our institution. Our alumni include such talents as Ignacio Llantada, Paloma Cordero, Horacio Castelo, Alberto (Beto) Castillo who lived these moments as students and are now stars in their respective fields.


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Talento Atlético y Deportivo

Athletics and Sports Talent

We are convinced that at practicing any sports activity gives you skills and experiences that contribute to your full development. We provide spaces that will help you to either maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve your athletic goals. There are programs for everyone at the athletics and sports department.

Sport classes

You can join a sport class at any level in which you can learn, practice or improve your skills. We offer classes in athletics, boxing, basketball, yoga, capoeira, spinning, TRX, soccer, swimming, taekwondo, rugby or volleyball, just to name a few.


If you are passionate about a sport, you can participate in our intramural tournaments in table tennis, E-sports, soccer, basketball, volleyball, drone racing and others.

Intramurals are organized based on student´s interest and current trends. The tournaments are between students from your campus and also from other campuses.

High performance

If you are already an outstanding athlete, you can join one of our 156 varsity teams in 23 different disciplines nationwide and compete against other universities as a proud Borrego. With talent, discipline, and your coach´s guidance and support, you can achieve your competitive goals but also learn lessons that will last a lifetime. Our varsity teams represent our school at national competitions such as CONADEIP Championships, CONDDE National University Games and other high-level team sports leagues. Our student athletes have competed representing México at international competitions such as FISU World University Games, Central American and Pan-American Games, World Championships and Olympic Games. Our alumni include extraordinary world-class sports talents such as Fernando Platas (Diving), Luis Rivera (Athletics), Eduardo Najera (Basketball), Bibiana Candelas (Beach Volleyball), Ana Paula de la Peña (Tennis), among others.


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Descubre tu talento

Discover your talents

Take a chance and discover new talents. There are more programs that can be created according to your interests, needs and proposals because as LiFE we are convinced that to achieve transcendence in a human being, we have to do what we are passionate about and love. If other students like you have other talents, new programs can be created according to their interests and needs.


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Bienestar Integral es el estado de las personas y las comunidades

Student Wellbeing

For Tec de Monterrey, Integral Wellbeing is the state of individuals and communities that contributes to their conscious, constant and balanced development in the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational and financial dimensions, in harmony with their environment. Integral wellness allows us to evolve, approaching a state of plenitude, contributing positively to the common good.

The Student Wellbeing area on your campus is intended to support and guide you to develop the balance of the seven dimensions of your well-being through:

  • Prevention and Emotional Counseling
  • Wellbeing Training
  • Development of Competences and Skills for Academic Success

Professional Development

The Life and Career Center helps all students to identify the professional development path of their choice, as an entrepreneur, employee, conducting research, contributing to the third sector or pursuing specialization studies.

Development of talents and strengths Tec de Monterrey Development of talents and strengths Tec de Monterrey
Development of talents and strengths

The Life and Career Plan Workshops provide tools to self-manage your personal and professional development. The workshops are designed to be fully practical and focus on helping you discover your personal and professional strengths, and successfully make the optimize your talents. We can give you advice on building your curriculum and provide first-hand activities in recruitment processes, such as competency-based interviews and assessments.

Job board Tec de Monterrey Job board Tec de Monterrey
Job board

Your ideal job is just a click away. On the job board, you can find more than 13,000 job listings that are of interest to you, from the over 3,000 companies partnered with us.  

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Job fairs and business ties Tec de Monterrey Job fairs and business ties Tec de Monterrey
Job fairs and business ties

Year round, representatives from different companies and institutions visit our different campi to recruit students and graduates for specific vacancies. During their visit, they give informative sessions to explain the company’s or institution’s profile, their trainee programs and the vacancies they offer and wish to fill.

At Tec, we have relationships that enable you to have internships in the top national and international companies, non-governmental organizations, hospital centers that are highly renowned for their innovation, and/or at the campus itself through the program On Campus Jobs.

We support you in building a plan to gain work experience in any area of your interest. Tec de Monterrey offers experience of making contact with national and/or international organizations that are looking for professional talent.

Borregos Football team


You are part of Borregos, your support makes us stronger and inspires us to leave it all on the field. Learn all about our origin, history and traditions and keep up with Borregos’ Athletics from all the different campuses.

Get ready to fight for the blue!

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Life in Tec Residence Halls

Rather than a room, it´s like being at home.

Find out our Tec Residences, an ideal space for living and meeting new people who seek to change the world. Just like you.

All our facilities have common areas and services for you to lead a quiet life while preparing to be the leader you want to.

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Frontispicio residencias campus Monterrey

Social Responsibility

Considered a formative experience that strengthens development of competences from our graduates, Social Service promotes profesional excellence and involves personal skills development to help others and contribute, from the professional field to generate plans, proposals and solutions to issues and adversities society face day by day.

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Alumnos realizando su servicio en comunidad
Tienda TECStore en campus Monterrey

Tec Store

Tecstore was created with the purpose of fostering pride and a sense of belonging towards the institution and to promote Tec's Spirit through official products, as well as creating new experiences to connect Tecnológico de Monterrey community with our brands.

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Tec Food

We create memorable experiences and promote physical and emotional well-being through different food choices on each of our Campuses, committed to meet established quality and service standards.    

In our dining halls and retail operations, we encourage the coexistence of the Tec community, promote sustainability initiatives and implement technological innovation tools for the improvement of our service. 

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Cafeteria "Centrales" en campus Monterrey