Life at Campus

Life at Campus

8 out of 10 high school and undergraduate students participate in sports, cultural or student leadership activities.


In our Tecnológico de Monterrey campuses, which are strategically distributed all over Mexico, you can join more than 1,100 student groups and take advantage of a rich variety of cultural experiences. In addition, there are important leadership events each semester, among the most outstanding are the International Convention of Student Leaders for undergraduate students and the National Leadership Congress for high school students.

Student Development


You will develop values such as discipline, commitment, competitiveness, a passion for sports and the capacity for teamwork by joining in our sports classes in a wide variety of areas or participating in our varsity teams, which offer the opportunity to compete on a national level.


The mission is to complement students’ comprehensive, harmonious preparation within a cultural setting as active participants in or spectators of a variety of cultural and artistic activities, while disseminating culture and projecting the Institution’s image and its students’ qualities toward the community.

Social Service
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