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Social Responsibility, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Social Responsibility

Important message

Social Responsibility done by Tec de Monterrey´s students places professional and personal talent at society´s service and wellness, in order to contribute to generate proposals for the attention, treatment and, if possible, to solve country´s social needs. At Tec de Monterrey, Social Service contributes with competencies to develop citizen and ethical commitment, hence other competencies in students.


Tecnológico de Monterrey contributes to social impact and transformation on a daily basis thanks to the efforts of the campuses. (Use this title and change the information.) The social service departments, together with the academic areas, outline liaison strategies with social organizations, seeking to have a positive impact on the surrounding community. The individuals who, through their daily efforts, build a better Social Service area, working always at the Campuses, are as follows: When sending an email, please include in the subject: SOCIAL SERVICE and in the message specify the Campus to which you belong and your student ID number.

Campus Name E-mail Telephone
Aguascalientes Montserrat Tolentino Padilla (449) 9100900 ext. 5520
Ciudad de México Mónica Arlette Santamaría Bravo (55) 5483 2353
Ciudad Juárez Sandra Díaz Valenzuela (656) 5483 2353
Central de Veracruz Judith Araceli Tlapamatl Salcido 01 800 000 7000 ext. 6516
Chiapas Elizabeth Trujillo Vera (961) 600 1573
Chihuahua Violeta Montes Delgado (614) 439 5000 ext. 4004
Ciudad Obregón María Eugenia Ballesteros Félix (614) 4105700 ext. 5731
Cuernavaca Daniel Iván Morales Ríos (777) 362 1820
Estado de México Ana Laura Centeno Gutiérrez (55) 5864 5813
Guadalajara Rocío Estrada Briseño (33) 3669 3000 ext. 1412
Hidalgo Laura Jacqueline Uribe Gutiérrez (771) 717 0214 ext. 1863
Irapuato Karina Guadalupe Hernández García (462) 606 8085 ext. 4600
Laguna Victoria Villarreal Cigarroa (871) 729 6376
León Gabriela Flores Alcocer (477) 710 9049
Monterrey Edith Alemán Ramírez (81) 83582000 ext. 3610
Morelia Angélica González García (443) 322 6800 ext. 2112
Puebla Andrea Paulina Corrales Alonso (222) 303 2000
Querétaro Gabriel Hernández Ugalde (442) 238 3111
Saltillo Yessica Fuentes Hernández (844) 411 8091
San Luis Potosí Dalila Govea López (444) 834 4169
Santa Fe Naidel Ardila Sarquis (55) 9177 8267
Sinaloa Claudia Elena Soto Angulo (667) 759 1686
Sonora Norte Alejandra Montaño Robles (662) 259 1000 ext. 3207
Tampico Sarai Delicee Ramos de la Rosa (833) 229 1600 ext. 2270
Toluca Alejandra Hernández Manzo (722) 279 9990 ext. 2902
Zacatecas Cecilia Jhoseline de la Rosa Esquivel (492) 9256820 ext. 1502
Oficina Nacional Olga Rodríguez Valdez (81) 8358 2000 ext. 6556
Oficina Nacional Claudia M. Bringas Arias (81) 8358 2000 ext. 3497
Oficina Nacional Alejandra Llanas Hernández (81) 8358 2000 ext. 6578

For any questions or comments about Social Service, write to:

What is it?

Social service is an educational model component that seeks to promote the development of competences, especially the transversal one that develops the ethical and citizen commitment (training in human sense) from the experiential learning in activities and service projects to the society.

It is also a training experience that strengthens the development of students' graduation skills, putting personal talent and professional excellence at the service of others and contributing, from the professional field to the generation of proposals for attention, reduction and solution to the social problematic the country is facing.

The social service is a qualification requirement established in the 24th article of the General Education Law and in the regulatory law of the 5th article of the Mexican Political Constitution and applies to all the Tec de Monterrey campuses at a professional level. It is also a qualification requirement to fulfill at least 480 hours of social service and a Social commitment of the students of Tec de Monterrey, since 78% of graduates perform more than 480 of social service and on average a student performs more 560 hours throughout his career.

It is a requirement for all of our students to line up with the General Social Service Policies and Regulations.

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Social Responsibility Projects

Here you can fin the Social Responsibility Projects of each Tecnológico de Monterrey´s Campus.

Keep in mind that, in order to enroll to a project you had to fulfill the sensabilization activity. For any doubt(s), go to your Campus Social Service Department.


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Social Responsibilty Projects
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