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Irapuato Campus

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Come and live the experience of being part of Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Irapuato. We invite you to schedule your visit and tour our facilities, find us at:
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📞  (81)83582000 Ext. for Admissions 1869 Ext. for Scholarships 1870

Paseo Mirador del Valle #445, Villas de Irapuato. C.P. 36670

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Welcome to a new way of learning!

Our admission process is 100% online. Contact our advisors for more information about the admissions process, scholarships and support available to you, and live the Tec experience to the fullest.


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Contact us: | Tel. +52 818 358 2000 Ext. 1869

The first history of the Irapuato Campus dates back to 1973 when Javier Cayón Villanueva was invited to join Enseñanza Superior del Centro A.C. (ESCAC), an association that would sponsor the Querétaro Unit, which he accepted with great enthusiasm. One of the first activities to be carried out by Accountant Javier Cayón as a member of this association was to raise funds in the Irapuato region, considering it inappropriate to have a Unit in Irapuato at that time, since the city had just gone through one of the catastrophes that had most affected its economic development: the flood of August 18, 1973.

The incomprehension of some ESCAC members motivated Javier Cayón to withdraw from the Association. ESCAC, motivated Javier Cayón to withdraw from the Association, although he did not lose his impetus to collaborate with the "Tec", his spirit of collaboration turned to Irapuato to favor the creation of a Unit in Irapuato. With the support of his family, especially of his father Melchor Cayón Velasco, and excited by the hope of having the presence of Fernando Garcia Roel, then rector of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, along with other businessmen.

Mr. Garcia Roel enthusiastically welcomed the project, which fit with his idea of decentralizing ITESM from the City of Monterrey, authorizing only the operation of the High School at that time.

Thus, CP Javier Cayón would integrate the group of businessmen of the region, interested in the promotion of the "Tec" began an audiovisual campaign, with success not only in Irapuato, but also in the cities of Salamanca and León.

On September 3, 1975, the Civil Association that would sponsor it, called Educación Superior de Irapuato A.C. (E.S.l.A.C.), was legally constituted. The first board of ESIAC was constituted on the 10th of the same year.

In August 1976, ESIAC delivered to the ITESM administration the first facilities, consisting of 5 classrooms, 6 cubicles for professors, a chemistry laboratory, 4 administrative offices, a meeting room, a cafeteria and a room that was conditioned as a library.

For the supervision of the great majority of these works and others that were carried out in later years, we counted on the help and advice of Luis Manuel Cayón Villanueva and Arq. Francisco J. Solís.

Welcome to PrepaTec Irapuato!

At PrepaTec you will have the opportunity to learn in an experiential way, developing interdisciplinary projects, and having an integral formation by complementing your classes with sports, cultural and leadership activities. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in educational experiences abroad in America, Europe or Asia.

In PrepaTec Bicultural you will develop English as your second language, and in the Multicultural Program, in addition to strengthening your English, you will learn French, one of the most important languages in the world.

During your Prepa, you will be accompanied by a mentor who will support you in your integral development and student success.

In addition to intercampus sports and cultural activities, you will be able to participate in the Model United Nations and FIRST Robotics Competition, where you will develop your skills in collaboration, critical thinking, effective communication, creativity and innovation.

Once you finish high school, you will be able to continue your studies at any Tec de Monterrey Campus or at any prestigious university in Mexico or abroad.

We are waiting for you!

Luis Miguel Villarreal Rodríguez
General Director
Tecnológico de Monterrey Irapuato Campus

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