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Concierto Maná en el estadio Banorte

These are some of the experiences we have had in the spaces of the Tecnologico de Monterrey. World-class, theatrical, sports and business events where spaces are used to the maximum to create experiences for our students and citizens.

Broadly speaking, we can identify that an event is a marketing, public relations and communication tool that meets different classifications and needs depending on the type of public we want to reach.

There are events that we know as corporate events, the main objective of which is to communicate, promote, or interact with people outside the institution where we work. The key for these events to be a success is that there are people, groups or external institutions that participate in the event. These events can be organized in a massive way, such as: job fairs, team buildings, expos to offer jobs, among others.

We determine as "social events" those whose main objective is to bring together different people, with no other interest than coexistence and social relationships among attendees. Almost always in social acts there is an event of a gastronomic, musical, sports type among others.

The social events that can be held inside Banorte Stadium are: concerts, sports camps, music festivals, food festivals, amateur and major league games of any sport.

The events can be promoted by any person and/or company, their main objective is to develop or publicize cultural activities, whether they are concerts, exhibitions, cultural award ceremonies, recitals, corporate, business, integration, etc.

Musical events or concerts are generally events of a cultural nature that depend on their content, complexity in the organization and logistics that it manages. Musical events can go from 10,000 people to a maximum capacity of 17,000 people using the stands and the field, it all depends on the configuration that the organizer is looking for. There are also concerts cataloged as great national and international festivals.

The term that we know as "festival" is usually used to describe those events that are characterized by having a significant number of acts by the different artists that complete the lineup and can even last several days in one or several places. Unlike solo concerts, a festival also has as one of its main characteristics the fact that it lasts for many hours, even if it lasts only one day, that is, it does not start and end in a couple of hours like most events and shows.

A music festival has the power to attract many more attendees, since the variety of acts and the publicity given to the festival itself are much greater.

Sporting events are all those related to the practice of sports activities or related to the recognition of athletes. There are several major sporting events that are seen around the world such as the Olympic Games, marathons in major cities, the FIFA World Cup, Superbowl, among other major events.

The definition of major events can vary between those who think, and between different countries, and even within this category we can distinguish subcategories of major events.

In general, we can say that major events are those that generate an important economic, social or cultural movement, attract a large number of participants at a national and international level, are known nationally and even internationally, generate great media coverage, Both nationally and internationally, they have a much longer pre-production period than normal events.