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Tec de Monterrey proudly presents its catalog of “Tec Experiences,” which you can only enjoy within our incredible facilities. Discover all the packages we have prepared for you and transform routine into an experience you will remember all your life.

Tec Experiences
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sports_football Borrego Experience

Come onto the Borregos Stadium playing field and become a Borrego for a day. You will receive one hour of total access to the stadium playing field, so you can throw passes, shoot field goals or play a game with your teammates.


  • Access to the field for one hour
  • Soccer and American football balls

Minimum of 10 people

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Terraza con vista al estadio

card_travel Business Experience

Tec de Monterrey invites you to live a unique experience, get out of your routine and enjoy a totally different business meeting. Hold your meeting in our Borregos Room and eat on our amazing Cemex Terrace overlooking the stadium and Monterrey’s iconic Saddle Mountain. Go down to the field for an hour and enjoy the "Borrego Experience" on the stadium field, throwing passes and shooting field goals, or organize a team dynamic on the field.  End your event with a barbecue on the stadium esplanade, enjoying the best possible view of the city of Monterrey.

Maximum Capacity: 80 people

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outdoor_grill Stadium Grill House

Enjoy a traditional barbecue with your peers on the Borregos Stadium esplanade against a backdrop of the best view of the city of Monterrey.


  • Tables and chairs
  • Food and beverage service
  • Grills and grill chef

Minimum of 10 people

Parrillada Borregos
Sala borregos - Empresarial
Balón en el estadio
Parrillada borregos

Tec Experiences

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