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Metepec Venues

Panoramic view of Metepec campus
Metepec Venues

PrepaTec, Campus Metepec, was founded in 2004 with the objective of extending the tradition of training competitive professionals committed to human development.

The campus has an area of forty-two thousand six hundred square meters, as well as an enrollment of one thousand students oriented toward responsible leadership.

We invite you to discover the spaces we must hold all types of events!


We have innovative facilities and the necessary technological equipment for all types of events, such as conferences, workshops, congresses, and graduation ceremonies.

The spaces have great versatility, as well as a maximum capacity of up to five hundred people, making them places that can adapt to the needs of your event without major complications. In addition, we put at your disposal all the necessary tools to make your planning as simple as possible and your experience the most memorable.

Come to PrepaTec, Campus Metepec, and live an experience like no other!

If you want to know more about our campus, the spaces and tools we have to offer you, we invite you to consult our catalog, as well as to contact us through the form. This way, we will be able to respond to your request as soon as possible.

Congress Center

Multifunctional space ideal for holding conferences, information sessions, breakfasts, meals, exhibitions and workshops.

Capacity: 500 people, Auditoriums, Various events

The PrepaTec Campus Metepec Congress Center is a modern and multifunctional space, designed to adapt to a wide variety of events, both academic and social. Its versatility and ability to configure the space according to the specific needs of each event make it an ideal option for any type of meeting.

The center can be divided by a sound wall, allowing simultaneous sessions to be carried out without interference between them.

  • Room A: With a capacity for 120 people in an auditorium-type setup.
  • Room B: With a capacity for 250 people in an auditorium-type setup.

Among the additional setups to the auditorium type, banquet types, taler exhibitions and horseshoe types can be handled. On the sides of the stage, the center has two VIP rooms intended for waiting for the speakers, providing a private and comfortable space. A spacious lobby is available to welcome attendees, facilitate registration, and serve as a rest area between sessions.

In short, this venue is an adaptable and well-equipped space, ideal for a variety of events. Its ability to be divided into two rooms, along with the possibility of different configurations, ensures that it can meet the needs of any event with professionalism and comfort.

groups Capacity: 500 people.




Lighting equipment

2 screens

4 microphones (Room A and Room B)

Ceiling speakers

370 chairs

Fixed scenario in room A

2 podiums

Microphone stands


Access to people with disabilities

Bathrooms for women and men


Boulevard Solidaridad las Torres S/N, San Salvador Tizatlali, C. P. 52172 Metepec, México.

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