Our group develops devices in the areas of bio-mechatronics and autonomous vehicles.

In the bio-mechatronics area, the objective is to assist the human motion during rehabilitation and to help geriatric people with wearable robotics. In the case of autonomous vehicles (AV’s), we focus on the assistance during natural disasters by using teams of heterogeneous robots (air and ground AV’s) that interact simultaneously.


National Laboratory on Robotics with the specialized areas:
- Laboratory for Micro-Robotics
- Laboratory for Autonomous Vehicles.

This Laboratory is supported by CONACyT and the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Research lines

• Biomechatronics
• Autonomous Vehicles


José Luis Gordillo Moscoso

Core researchers

Carlos Renato Vázquez Topete
Javier Mauricio Antelis Ortiz
Joel Carlos Huegel West
Luis Eduardo Garza Castañón
Luz María Alonso Velardi
Rita Quetziel Fuentes Aguilar
Rogelio Soto Rodríguez

Adjunct researchers

Alejandro García González

Distinguished researchers

Gerald E. Francisco - TIRR Memorial Hermann - University of Houston
José Luis Contreras Vidal - University of Houston
Jose Luis Pons Rovira - Cajal Institute


Postdoctoral researchers

Christian Román Hassard Gastélum
Fredy Alberto Sanz Ramírez
Gema Berenice Gudiño Mendoza
Herman Castañeda Cuevas

Doctoral students

Alberto Hussein de la Torre Sotelo
César Armando Cantú Cavada
Gilberto Alfonso Montes Ramírez
Jorge Othón Esparza Jiménez
Mario Jorge Claros Salgado
Rafael Enrique Mendoza Crespo
Ricardo Esteban Roberts Ugrinovic
Salvador Leal Adame

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