This group seeks to develop the retail trade in Mexico in order to achieve international competitiveness by developing strategic thin-king that improves competitiveness through: store experience, operational optimization, use of technology and brand value.

Research lines

• Shopper behavior (Millennials consumers)
• Price (Revenue management & perception)
• Sustainability & Green consumer
• Store format innovation
• Talent & management (retail service)
• Retail Challenges (retail strategy)


Eva María González Hernández

Core researchers

María Andrea Trujillo León

Adjunct researchers

Alfonso Valdez Cervantes
Ana Dolores Franco Valdez
Dhruv Grewal
Eduardo Esteva Armida
Jan Hinrich Meyer
Ma Margarita Orozco Gómez
María de la Paz Toldos Romero
María Elena Vazquez Lira
Miguel Angel López Lomelí

Authors Title Publication
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