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Leadership and Effective and Efficient Organizations


This group proposes new leadership models, organizational structures, and work dynamics that promote flexible and agile organizations which can transform and adapt to environmental changes.


Research lines

• Leadership with purpose
• Leadership and inclusion
• Women's leadership
• Education and leadership development
• Organizational design and culture
• The future of work and talent in Mexico and Latin America
• Talent training and the future of work
• Flexibility, agility, and change
• Talent management processes


Ajnesh Prasad -

Members of the Leadership thematic area

Elliott Tyler Kruse (Leader)
Ajnesh Prasad
Ana Lissette Segovia Philip
Bárbara Isabel Mojarro Durán
Christian Yarid Ayala Millán
Katia Villafuerte Cardona

Members of the Structural Design and Organizational Culture thematic area

Sergio Manuel Madero Gómez (Leader)
Olivia del Roble Hernández Pozas
Oscar Eliud Ortíz Mendoza