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Strategy and Management of Organizations in Emerging Economies

About the Group

In the context of emerging economies, we focus on the research processes and practices related to: strategy development and implementation, organizational capabilities, knowledge transfer, governance and human resources management. We apply strategies and management theories through models and tools designed for decision making and sustainable development for organizations in emerging economies. Theoretical approaches to strategy, institutionalism, culture and stake holdings are the main pillars of our research program.

Research lines

• Human resource management in organizations
• Organizational governance
• Best practice transfer
• Institutional influences on business strategies


Anabella del Rosario Dávila Martínez


Adjunct researchers

Andreas Michael Hartmann Ehlich
Christiane Andrea Molina Brockmann
Francisco Javier Valderrey Villar
Laura Esther Zapata Cantú
Mauricio Cervantes Zepeda
Miguel Angel Montoya Bayardo
Olivia del Roble Hernández Pozas



Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Knowledge management in Mexican NPOs: a comparative study in organizations with a local and national presence
Authors: Zapata Cantu, L., & Mondragon, C.

- Resource and dynamic capabilities in business excellence models to enhance competitiveness
Authors: Zapata-Cantu, L., Delgado, J., & Gonzalez, F.

- Maximising profit for multiple-product, single-period, single-machine manufacturing under sequential set-up constraints that depend on lot size
Authors: Trigos, F., & López, E.

- From Silent to Salient Stakeholders: A Study of a Coffee Cooperative and the Dynamic of Social Relationships
Authors: Davila, A., & Molina, C.

- Engaging Stakeholders in Emerging Economies: The Case of Multilatinas
Authors: Davila, A., Rodriguez-Lluesma, C., & Elvira, M.