Photonics and Quantum Systems


This group studies the application of light in micro-manipulation systems, quantum computing and characterization of micro and nanostructured materials including metamaterials. We develop special light profiles using lasers and other incoherent light sources. Lasers are one of the most important areas in scientific and applied research, they have been successfully applied in various fields such as medicine, metrology, telecommunications and biotechnology, among others.

In these applications, it is very important to control the widening of the beam as it propagates through the air. Several current research in optics are designed to minimize the light beams dispersion. Additionally, the group will explore the potential applications of these rays in the industry (drilling and cutting laser), biotechnology (optical tweezers) and metrology for materials characterization.

Research lines

• Linear and non-linear photonics
• Data and quantum computing
• Characterization of materials using optical/chemical methods


Julio César Gutiérrez Vega

Core researchers

Blas Manuel Rodríguez Lara
Dorilián López Mago
Francisco Javier Delgado Cepeda
Jorge Luis Cholula Díaz
Marcelo Fernando Videa Vargas
Raúl Ignacio Hernández Aranda
Salvador Elías Venegas Andraca
Servando López Aguayo

Adjunct researchers

Alain Flores Tlalpa
Alberto Uriel Rivera Ortega
Daniel López Aguayo
Denis Iakushev
Diego Alfonso Crespo Yapur
Iris Anahí Aguilar Hernández
Job Mendoza Hernández
José Manuel Nieto Jalil
Juan Pablo Treviño Gutierrez
Luis Octavio Castaños Cervantes
Marco Benjamín Enríquez Flores
Miguel Angel Velasco Soto
Saeed Rastgoo

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