Nanotechnology for Devices Design


This research group focuses on: a) The development and characterization of intelligent and morphing biocompatible polymeric materials reinforced with carbon nanotubes or nanoparticles, b) the development of cutting edge technology to manufacture devices based on nanostructured materials, c) the prediction of the dynamic response of linear and non-linear systems using perturbation techniques, nonlinear modal analysis and cutting-edge experimental techniques, d) The computer simulation of engineering components with Finite Element Analysis.

Research lines

Development and characterization of nanostructured biocompatible materials
• Development of nanostructured devices using high-production techniques, such as ultrasound injection molding and incremental plate forming
• Modal response prediction of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems using perturbation techniques
• Modeling and analysis of mechanized super alloy processes and fine floor components
• Theoretical simulations of modeling and device based on nanostructured materials


Alex Elías Zúñiga

Core researchers

Alan Osiris Sustaita
Daniel Olvera Trejo
Fernando Jaime Rodríguez Macías
Grissel Trujillo de Santiago
Oscar Martínez Romero
Wendy de Lourdes Ortega Lara

Adjunct researcher

Edgar René López Mena

Distinguished researcher

Enrique V. Barrera - Rice University


External researchers

Luis E. Elizalde Siller - CIQA
Luis Norberto López Delacalle - Universidad de Bilbao, País Vasco
Inés Ferrer Real - Universitat de Girona, España
María Luisa García Romeu - Universitat de Girona, España

Postdoctoral researchers

Alan Osiris Sustaita Narváez
Daniel Olvera Trejo
Grissel Trujillo de Santiago
Héctor Manuel Leija Martínez
Imperio Anel Perales  Martínez
Jackeline Iturbe Ek
Luis Manuel Palacios
Marcelo Hernández Ávila
Narsimha Mamidi

Doctoral students

Karen Lorena Baylon Quiñones
Luis Marcelo Lozano Sánchez
Mario Regino Moreno Guerra
Xavier Rolando Sánchez Sánchez

Authors Title Publication
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D. Olvera, A. Elías-Zúñiga, L. N. López de Lacalle, and C. A. Rodríguez “Approximate Solutions of Delay Differential Equations with Constant and Variable Coefficients by the Enhanced Multistage Homotopy Perturbation Method,” Abstract and Applied Analysis, Article ID 382475, 2014.
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