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Family Business

About the Group

The objective is to be relevant to stakeholders in terms of generating academic research on families in business, the keys to their success and their future challenges.

A space dedicated to the generation of knowledge about organizations whose ownership is fundamentally in a family and also in the study of the families that give life to these organizations.

Research lines

  • Family Entrepreneurship
  • Governance and Heritage
  • Intergenerational flourishing
  • Values and Consciousness


Edgar Rogelio Ramírez Solís -

Adjunct researchers

Axel Atzayacatl Zavala Angulo
Bárbara Isabel Mojarro Durán
Jorge Eduardo Gómez Villanueva
Verónica Ilián Baños Monroy


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Familiness and its relationship with performance in mexican family firms
Authors: Monroy, V., Solís, E., & Rodríguez-Aceves, L.

- Between love and war: The effects of affective commitment in organizational politics and organizational performance
Authors: Solís, E., & Monroy, V.

- Innovation and network multiplexity: R&D and the concurrent effects of two collaboration networks in an emerging economy
Authors: Rojas, M., Solis, E., & Zhu, J.

- The determinants of socioemotional wealth and the family firm¿s outcomes
Authors: Angulo, A., Villanueva, J., & Solís, E.

- How local/global is your brand? A technique to assess brand categorisation
Authors: Llonch-Andreu, J., López-Lomelí, M., & Gómez-Villanueva, J.