Knowledge Society


We study the paradigm shift from the material and monetary base of the industrial culture to intangible concepts (ideas and emotions) of the knowledge culture. This new field relies on several specialized areas of knowledge: ethics, epistemology, history of knowledge, economics, sociology of knowledge, political science and psychology as well as technology –particularly ITC and the digital ecosystem– and law.

On these grounds, applications are developed for: studies of science and technology, knowledge and innovation management, scientific and technological intelligence, knowledge economy, knowledge-based development and knowledge cities, cultural and legal aspects of technology, ethics and economic culture.

Research lines

• Science and Technology Studies
• Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Knowledge-based development
• Internet, culture and society
• Law and the knowledge society

Core researchers

Edgardo Arturo Ayala Gaytán
José Heriberto García Peña
Roberto Garza Barbosa

Adjunct researchers

Ana Isabel Meraz Espinoza
Mario Ignacio Alvarez Ledesma


Information in process