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Intelligent Systems

About the Group

This group conducts basic and applied research to develop intelligent systems for solving problems across a wide range of application areas including optimization and logistics, ambient intelligence, web semantics, healthcare, forecasting and business intelligence, among others.

The investigation focuses on the development of innovative heuristic, metaheuristic and hyper-heuristic algorithms based on computational intelligence and other techniques to model and understand the complexity of the interaction between problems and algorithms with the intention to develop an automated and adaptable computational platform to efficiently solve a variety of real-world problems.

The group also explores strategies such as multi-agent systems, web semantics and data mining for integrating models and methodologies to trace a path toward intelligent organizations and more personalized systems.

Research lines


Nature-inspired systems
Context Intelligence


Hugo Terashima Marín -

Core researchers

Ivan Mauricio Amaya Contreras
José Carlos Ortiz Bayliss
Juan Arturo Nolazco Flores
Santiago Enrique Conant Pablos


Adjunct researchers

Edgar Covantes Osuna
Eduardo Arturo Rodríguez Tello
Francisco Javier Cantú Ortiz
Frumencio Olivas Alvarez
Héctor Gibrán Ceballos Cancino
Jorge Mario Cruz Duarte
Nimrod González Franco
Rajesh Roshan Biswal
Ramón Felipe Brena Pinero


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Evolution of Indoor Positioning Technologies: A Survey
Authors: Brena, R., García-Vázquez, J., Galván-Tejada, C., Muñoz-Rodriguez, D., Vargas-Rosales, C., & Fangmeyer, J.

- Cross entropy based thresholding for magnetic resonance brain images using Crow Search Algorithm
Authors: Oliva, D., Hinojosa, S., Cuevas, E., Pajares, G., Avalos, O., & Gálvez, J.

- Cloud based Video-on-Demand service model ensuring quality of service and scalability
Authors: Barba-Jimenez, C., Ramirez-Velarde, R., Tchernykh, A., Rodríguez-Dagnino, R., Nolazco-Flores, J., & Perez-Cazares, R.

- Parameter estimation of photovoltaic cells using an improved chaotic whale optimization algorithm
Authors: Oliva, D., Abd El Aziz, M., & Ella Hassanien, A.

- GridMass: A fast two-dimensional feature detection method for LC/MS
Authors: Treviño, V., Yañez-Garza, I., Rodriguez-López, C., Urrea-López, R., Garza-Rodriguez, M., Barrera-Saldaña, H., Tamez-Peña, J., Winkler, R., & Díaz De-La-Garza, R.