Energy and Climate Change


This group consolidates the interest in research, technological development and innovation of the School of Engineering and Sciences in the broad field of sustainable use of energy and environmental resources. The group is composed of researchers who come from a variety of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, chemical, environmental, as well as basic sciences.
In addition, researchers from business and public policy areas collaborate continuously with researchers of the group from a holistic point of view.

Three general topics are fundamental: the efficient use of both thermal and electric energy, clean energies with special emphasis on solar, wind and biomass, and environmental impact related to the energy sector with special emphasis on atmosphere. Some current issues about the group deals with include smart grids, micro networks, network interconnection of renewables, novel systems for heat transfer (including nanofluids), sustainable mobility, energy efficiency in non-residential buildings, carbon capture and sequestration and pollutants short-lived climate.

Research lines

• Energy efficiency: thermal and electrical
• Clean energies: renewable and alternate
• Climate change: mitigation, adaptation and environmental benefits


Alberto Mendoza Domínguez

Core reserchers

Alejandro Javier García Cuéllar
Alejandro Montesinos Castellanos
Antonio Flores Tlacuahuac
Carlos Iván Rivera Solorio
Daniel Guillén Aparicio
Diego Ernesto Cárdenas Fuentes
Gerardo Escobar Valderrama
Jesús Elias Valdez Resendiz
Jonathan Carlos Mayo Maldonado
José Ignacio Huertas Cardozo
José Luis López Salinas
Miguel Angel Gijón Rivera
Oliver Matthias Probst Oleszewski

Adjunct researchers

Aldo Márquez Nolasco
Armando Rafael Llamas Terrés
Arturo Hernández Antonio
Blas Luis Pérez Henriquez
Daniela Xulú Martínez Vargas
Diego Fabián Lozano García
Enrique Alfonso López Guajardo
Flory Anette Dieck Assad
Francisco José Lozano García
Hugo Ramón Elizalde Siller
Jogender Singh
José Antonio Benjamín Ordoñez Díaz
José Ezequiel Santibañez Aguilar
Julio González García
Krishna Deo Prasad Nigam
Ladislao Sandoval Rangel
Luis Fabián Fuentes Cortés
María Elena Huertas Bolaños
Omar Fernando Ruiz Martínez
Osvaldo Miguel Micheloud
Yasmany Mancilla Méndez
Yatziri Rodríguez Guerra

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