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Decarbonization , Climate Change and Circular Economy

About the Group

The balance of the planet has been broken by population growth and voracious consumption, surpassing the speed with which the planet can cope. Therefore, it is necessary to develop technologies that allow the creation of strategies directed towards sustainability.

Research lines

• Development of scalable clean technologies as solutions to the decarbonization of the energy sector. Substitute energy sources/raw materials with low carbon sources.
• Circular economy, migration to net zero and positive effect on emissions.
• Equity and social perspective in technology projects.
• Capture of greenhouse gases and suspended solids.
• Application of data science and AI tools.


Alejandro Montesinos Castellanos -


Carlos Alberto Huerta Aguilar
Jorge Antonio Ascencio Gutiérrez
José Ignacio Huertas Cardozo
Juan Carlos Prince Avelino
Luis Ismael Minchala Avila
Miguel Ángel Gijón Rivera
Oliver Matthias Probst Oleszewski
Rafael Laurenti