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Biomedical Engineering

About the Group

The mission of our group is to generate knowledge, new applications, and developments in the area of tissue engineering and biomedical engineering combining biological and engineering concepts.

We use reactions mediated by cells and their components (e.g. enzymes and nucleic acids) to generate high-added-value products and applications. These needs are typically related to the study, diagnosis, or treatment of infectious or chronic-degenerative diseases.

Our group integrates resources of science and technology of materials and biomaterials, nanotechnology, microfluidics, microfabrication, genomics and genetic engineering, synthetic biology, and cell culture in applications that could save lives.

Research lines

• Micro and nanotechnologies for study, diagnosis and/or treatment of diseases
• Tissue engineering: Bioprinting or "bioprinting", cell and tissue culture and organ-on-a-chip systems
• Engineering of biomaterials for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications


Mario Moisés Alvarez -

Adjunct researchers

Ivonne González Gamboa
Jesús Angel Valencia Gallegos
Jesús Eduardo Elizondo Ochoa
Juan Pablo Aguilar Alemán
Yocanxóchitl Perfecto Avalos


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Synthesis, properties, and biomedical applications of gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogels
Autores: Yue, K., Trujillo-de Santiago, G., Alvarez, M., Tamayol, A., Annabi, N., & Khademhosseini, A.

- Rapid Continuous Multimaterial Extrusion Bioprinting
Autores: Liu, W., Zhang, Y., Heinrich, M., De Ferrari, F., Jang, H., Bakht, S., Alvarez, M., Yang, J., Li, Y., Trujillo-de Santiago, G., Miri, A., Zhu, K., Khoshakhlagh, P., Prakash, G., Cheng, H., Guan, X., Zhong, Z., Ju, J., Zhu, G., Jin, X., Shin, S., Dokmeci, M., & Khademhosseini, A.

- Bioprinted Osteogenic and Vasculogenic Patterns for Engineering 3D Bone Tissue
Autores: Byambaa, B., Annabi, N., Yue, K., Trujillo-de Santiago, G., Alvarez, M., Jia, W., Kazemzadeh-Narbat, M., Shin, S., Tamayol, A., & Khademhosseini, A.

- Delivery strategies to control inflammatory response: Modulating M1¿M2 polarization in tissue engineering applications
Autores: Alvarez, M., Liu, J., Trujillo-de Santiago, G., Cha, B., Vishwakarma, A., Ghaemmaghami, A., & Khademhosseini, A.

- Interplay between materials and microfluidics
Autores: Hou, X., Zhang, Y., Santiago, G., Alvarez, M., Ribas, J., Jonas, S., Weiss, P., Andrews, A., Aizenberg, J., & Khademhosseini, A.