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Water Science and Technology

About the Group

This is a vibrant, thriving, transformative group of researchers with a portfolio of projects on safe water and sanitation; hydrological risks and environmental impact; water quality and ecosystems; water management and governance; water, energy, and food nexus; and Information and knowledge systems. It conducts research and specialized consulting projects in collaboration with prestigious universities, including the University of California, Texas A&M University, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The researchers of this group are widely recognized by the national system of researchers, their professional peers, and other significant institutional recognitions.


Research lines

• Safety in drinking water and sanitation
• Hydrological risks and environmental impact
• Water quality and ecosystems
• Water management and governance
• Water, energy, and food nexus
• Information and knowledge systems


Jürgen Mahlknecht -


Abrahan Rafael Mora Polanco
Frank Loge, Universidad de California Davis (FEMSA Chair of Circular Water Economy)
Miguel Ángel López Zavála
Nancy Edith Ornelas Soto
Pabel Antonio Cervantes Avilés


Postdoctoral researchers

Juan Antonio Torres Martínez
Iris Aguilar Hernández
Jaime Dueñas Moreno