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Social Innovation and Sustainability

About the Group

We engage in basic and applied research aimed at understanding the function of corporate social responsibility in large multinational corporations and in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, we study social, multifaceted entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, we evaluate social and ecological costs of doing business in order to identify their causes and to find solutions. Finally, we study related phenomenon of current interest such as voluntary environmental programs and the role of the firm in the creation of income inequality.

Research lines

  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Innovation of responsible and sustainable business models
  • Social entrepreneurship and high value start-ups
  • Social impact evaluation
  • Social innovation
  • Sustainable clusters
  • Virtual work groups


Bryan William Husted Corregan -

Core researchers

Ezequiel Alejandro Martín Reficco
Javier Francisco Reynoso Javier
Sergio Manuel Madero Gómez


Adjunct researchers

Carlos Scheel Mayenberger
Claudia Ramos Garza
Consuelo Adelaida García De la Torre
Daniel Maranto Vargas
Eduardo Enrique Aguiñaga Maldonado
Eva María Guerra Leal
Francisco Alfonso Espinoza Sanchez
Gabriela Monforte García



Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Systems, networks, and ecosystems in service research
Authors: Barile, S., Lusch, R., Reynoso, J., Saviano, M., & Spohrer, J.

- Effects of local legitimacy on certification decisions to global and national CSR standards by multinational subsidiaries and domestic firms
Authors: Husted, B., Montiel, I., & Christmann, P.

- The impact of sustainability governance, country stakeholder orientation, and country risk on environmental, social, and governance performance
Authors: Husted, B., & Sousa-Filho, J.

- Corporate Social Responsibility Practice from 1800-1914: Past Initiatives and Current Debates
Authors: Husted, B.

- Beyond sustainability. Transforming industrial zero-valued residues into increasing economic returns
Authors: Scheel, C.