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Science, Technology and Society

About the Group

Studies on science, technology and society (commonly known as STS), try to understand the social aspects of the techno-scientific phenomenon taking into account both its modes of production and development, as well as social conditioning factors, its social and environmental consequences.

Interdisciplinary in nature, it brings together disciplines related to social and human sciences. STS tries to favor human progress and development starting from the promotion of and respect for democratic attitudes and practices, as well as a socio-economic development that respects the environment and future generations. It seeks to promote scientific literacy and stimulate a scientific vocation in young people based on reflection and critical responsibility.

Research lines

• History and philosophy of science and technology
• Heritage, History and Digital Humanities


Francisco Javier Serrano Bosquet -

Core reserchers

Claudia Navarro Corona
Gabriel Valerio Ureña
Pablo Jesús Barniol Durán
Paloma Vargas Montes
Paola Ricaurte Quijano

Adjunct researchers

Blanca Rosa Ruiz Hernandez
Claudia Yazmín Ortega Montoya
Diego Zavala Scherer
Elvira Guadalupe Rincón Flores
Eva Luisa Rivas Sada
Federico Andrés Stezano Pérez
Francisco Javier Carrillo Gamboa
Genaro Zavala Enríquez
Javier Torres Medina
José Gabriel Martínez Serna
José Miguel Muñiz Apresa
Josefina Bailey Moreno
Julio Ernesto Rubio Barrios
María de los Angeles Domínguez Cuenca
Ricardo Guzmán Díaz
Rodrigo Urcid Puga
Ruth Rodríguez Gallegos
Samuel Cepeda Hernández
Sandra Gudiño Paredes
Santa Esmeralda Tejeda Torres


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Billions of impoverished people deserve to be better served: A call to action for the service research community
Authors: Fisk, R., Anderson, L., Bowen, D., Gruber, T., Ostrom, A., Patrício, L., Reynoso, J., & Sebastiani, R.

- Knowledge transfer and the learning process in Spanish wineries
Authors: Gil, A., & Carrillo, F.

- Indicators of pedagogical quality for the design of a massive open online course for teacher training Indicadores de calidad pedagógica para el diseño de un curso en línea masivo y abierto de actualización docente
Authors: Alemán De la Garza, L., Sancho-Vinuesa, T., & Gómez Zermeño, M.

- Research analysis on mooc course dropout and retention rates
Authors: Gomez-Zermeno, M., & Aleman De La Garza, L.

- Learning from socially driven service innovation in emerging economies
Authors: Reynoso, J., Kandampully, J., Fan, X., & Paulose, H.