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Democracy, Corruption and Global Issues

About the Group

The Research Group is constituted as a space dedicated to building knowledge and developing strategic plans and programs around variables related to democracy and corruption, using the comparative method applied to political phenomena.

The objectives of the Group are:
 - Determine needs, opportunities and research challenges of the main lines of action.
- Strengthen each of the lines of research.
- Generate research products with a high level of innovation and with a direct impact on society and the public sector.
- Contribute with Tecnológico de Monterrey to generate and promote a research culture.
- To advise the academic community and the business sector in the lines of work of the group.
- To advance in the achievement of research results of the School of Social Sciences and Government.
- Document each research project, as well as disseminate the results and products derived from it.


Research lines

• Democracy
• Corruption
• Global Issues
• Comparative Politics


Alejandro Díaz Domínguez -

Core researchers

Carlos Cerda Dueñas
Daniel Ricardo Lemus Delgado
Ignacio Irazuzta Di Chiara
Marta Bárbara Ochman Ikanowicz
Tamir Bar On


Adjunct researchers

Angel Gustavo López Montiel
Arturo Sánchez Gutiérrez
Carlos Javier Vázquez Ferrel
Carlos Manuel Villabella Armengol
Carmelo Cattafi
Eduardo González Velázquez
Fernando Gómez Zaldívar
Gabriel Aguilera López
Gerhard Niedrist
Indira Iasel Sanchez Bernal
Jesús Javier Silva-Herzog Márquez
Luz Araceli González Uresti
Marco Antonio Fernández Martínez
Silvia Guadalupe Figueroa González
Víctor Aurelio Zuñiga González
Zidane Zeraoui



Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- The political economy of social spending by local government: A study of the 3×1 program in Mexico
Authors: Simpser, A., Duquette-Rury, L., Company, J., & Ibarra, J.

- Introduction to the special issue: Contemporary return migration from the United States to Mexico - Focus on children, youth, schools and families
Authors: Hernandez-León, R., & Zúñiga, V.

- Opening ceremonies of international sports events: The other face of Chinese soft power
Authors: Lemus Delgado, D.

- Three soccer discourses
Authors: Bar-On, T.

- The radical right and nationalism
Authors: Bar-On, T.