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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

About the Group

Tecnológico de Monterrey is one of the pioneers in entrepreneurial education in Latin America. Today, the training and development of entrepreneurial leadership continues to be a strategic pillar of our institution.

This research group focuses, enhances and disseminates scholarship on entrepreneurship and leadership which strengthen economic and social development in Mexico.

Research lines

• Entrepreneurship and development
• Families entrepreneurs
• Education for entrepreneurship


José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa -

Core reserchers

Ajnesh Prasad
Alfonso Avila Robinson
Christian Yarid Ayala Millán


Adjunct researchers

Cynthia Lorena Franco Rodríguez
Dante Benito Castro Solano
David Salvador Xotlanihua González
Delia Lizette Huezo Ponce
Edgar Muñiz Avila
Elvira Elena Naranjo Priego
Félix Florencio Cárdenas Del Castillo
Fernando Andrés Moya Dávila
Fernando Sandoval Arzaga
Francisco Javier De la Fuente Flores
Geraldina Silveyra León
Jairo Abraham Ruiz Nava
Ján Rehák
José Manuel Maraboto Quepons
Lizbeth Alicia Gonzalez Tamayo
Lizbeth Martínez Ramírez
Lucía Alejandra Rodríguez Aceves
Marcia Nelly Villasana Campos
María de los Dolores González Saucedo
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Montes
Patricia Esther Alonso Galicia
Rafael Antonio Tristán Zamores
Rafael Eduardo Alcaraz Rodríguez
Sergio Ortiz Valdés


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Entrepreneurship Amid Concurrent Institutional Constraints in Less Developed Countries
Authors: Khoury, T., & Prasad, A.

- Networks, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Internationalization Scope: Evidence from Chilean Small and Medium Enterprises
Authors: Felzensztein, C., Ciravegna, L., Robson, P., & Amorós, J.

- Why Do Women Still Not Make It to the Top? Dominant Organizational Ideologies and Biases by Promotion Committees Limit Opportunities to Destination Positions
Authors: Auster, E., & Prasad, A.

- Managerial Risk Taking: A Multitheoretical Review and Future Research Agenda
Authors: Hoskisson, R., Chirico, F., Zyung, J., & Gambeta, E.

- If we can't have it, then no one should: Shutting Down Versus Selling in Family Business Portfolios
Authors: Akhter, N., Sieger, P., & Chirico, F.