Automotive Consortium for Cyberphysical Systems


This group focuses on the planning, modeling, development and monitoring of advanced mechatronic systems, particularly associated with Automotive Industry. The systems cover vehicles and machines that are interconnected and controlled by computers. The development and monitoring of them is based on virtual models. Several companies are participating as co-sponsors and users of our research and results.

Research lines

• Cyberphysical Systems and Industry 4.0
• Virtual prototypes
• Additive and digital manufacturing
• Deep Learning - monitoring of processes and machines
• Sensorization and connectivity of online measurement systems
• New generation powertrain design
• Active control of suspensions


Horacio Ahuett Garza

Core researchers

Jorge de Jesús Lozoya Santos
Pedro Daniel Urbina Coronado
Rubén Morales Menéndez

Adjunct researchers

Adriana Vargas Martínez
Magdian Ulises Galan Vera
Ricardo Ambrocio Ramírez Mendoza
Thomas Kurfess

Authors Title Publication
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