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Cyber physical systems

About the Group

Cyber physical systems (CPS) are composed of the interaction of two fundamental elements: the physical systems that perform some process or function of interest, and the digital twins that model their behavior.

The interaction occurs through the exchange of data between the two parties. The mission of the CPS is to maximize the performance of these systems: optimize performance, reduce waste, ensure safety. There are major challenges for the implementation of CPS. The Cyber-Physical Systems research group develops cutting-edge techniques in disciplines such as precision design, artificial intelligence, advanced control, robotics, additive manufacturing and advanced computational modeling, in the solution of the major technological challenges that prevent the realization of CPS: digitization of systems, development of digital twins and the synchronization of physical systems with the data they generate.

The research products of this group are applied in fields such as Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Robotics, Prosthetics development, and Neuroengineering.

Research lines

• Digitization of Manufacturing and Development of Digital Twins
• Advanced Machine and Process Control
• Autonomous vehicle control and electromobility
• Human-Machine Interfaces and Neurotechnological Developments
• Robotics


Horacio Ahuett Garza -


Carlos Gustavo Sotelo Molina
Carlos Renato Vázquez Topete
David Alejandro Sotelo Molina
Herman Castañeda Cuevas
Javier Mauricio Antelis Ortíz
Joel Carlos Huegel West
Juan Carlos Tudon Martínez
Luis Eduardo Garza Castañón
Luz María Alonso Valerdi
Ricardo Zavála Yoe
Thomas R. Kurfess (Profesor distinguido)

Most relevant publications

• Ahuett-Garza, Horacio, and Thomas Kurfess. "A brief discussion on the trends of habilitating technologies for Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing." Manufacturing Letters 15 (2018): 60-63.

• Naranjo-Lozada, J., Ahuett-Garza, H., Orta-Castañón, P., Verbeeten, W. M., & Sáiz-González, D. (2019). Tensile properties and failure behavior of chopped and continuous carbon fiber composites produced by additive manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing, 26, 227-241.

Adaptive integral terminal super-twisting with finite-time convergence for an unmanned surface vehicle under disturbances, Gonzalez-Garcia, A., Castañeda, H. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2022,

Vision-Based Hierarchical Impedance Control of an Aerial Manipulator Hu, A., Xu, M., Wang, H., Liang, X., Castaneda, H, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2022, 10.1109/TIE.2022.3203755

• Nayid Triana-Guzman, Alvaro D. Orjuela-Cañon, Andres L. Jutinico, Omar Mendoza-Montoya* and Javier M. Antelis. Decoding EEG rhythms offline and online during motor imagery for standing and sitting based on a brain-computer interface. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, Vol. XX, pages 16:961089 (2022) DOI:, Online ISSN: 1662-5196

• Javier M. Antelis, Marco Cavaglià, Travis Hansen, Manuel D. Morales, Claudia Moreno, Soma Mukherjee, Marek J. Szczepańczyk and Michele Zanolin. Using supervised learning algorithms as a follow-up method in the search of gravitational waves from core-collapse supernovae. Physical Review D. 2025, Vol. 105, No. 8, pp. 084054 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.105.084054, Print ISSN 24700010, Online ISSN 24700029

Application of deep learning for fast detection of COVID-19 in X-Rays using nCOVnet H Panwar, PK Gupta, MK Siddiqui, R Morales-Menendez, V Singh. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 138, 109944  

Quality 4.0: a Review of Big Data Challenges in Manufacturing RMM Carlos A.Escobar, Megan McGovern. J of Intelligent Manufacturing 1 (1), 1-16

JCR ARTICULO Marco A. Barreto, Jorge Perez-Gonzalez, Hugh M. Herr, Joel C. Huegel. 2022. ARACAM: A RGB-D Multi-View Photogrammetry System for Lower Limb 3D Reconstruction Applications. Sensors 22, no. 7: 2443. Q1 ISSN: 1424-3210, 1424-8220 DOI: 10.3390/s22072443

JCR ARTICULO Ballesteros, Mariana; Lopez-Perez, Manuel A.; Fuentes-Aguilar Rita Q.; Chavarrias-Solano, Pedro E.; Alemón, Beatriz; Huegel, Joel C. Automated and controlled system for analysis of residual limbs thermograms of transtibial amputees. Applied Sciences 12(09); Q2 ISSN: 2076-3417.

• M. Hori Uribe, C.R. Vázquez, M. Antelis, A fast EMG-based algorithm for upper-limb motion intention detection by using Levant’s differentiators, IEEE Access, 2022, DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3214531

• C.A. Anguiano-Gijon, A. Cid-Gaona, J.M. Chavez-Delgado, C.R. Vazquez, On the Design of Regulation Controllers for Automation Systems with RCPetri, Applied Science, vol. 12(7), 3294, 2022, DOI: 10.3390/APP12073294

Most relevant projects

Robust Control for quadrotor and hexarotor UAVs
Leader: Herman Castañeda Cuevas
Diseño de controladores para vehículos aéreos no tripulados en presencia de perturbaciones externas tales como el viento.

Robust control for Surface and Underwater vehicles
Leader: Herman Castañeda Cuevas
Diseño de controladores para vehiculos acuáticos robustos a perturbaciones tales como viento, olas y corrientes acuáticas

Robust visual servoing (UAVs)
Leader: Herman Castañeda Cuevas
Diseño de controladores robustos basados en visión computacional

Robust control for multi-robots (UAVs, USVs)
Leader: Herman Castañeda Cuevas
Diseño de controladores para una flota de vehículos aéreos no tripulados para realizar formación y contención.

Interfaces Cerebro Computador para recuperación de movilidad y Comunicación. Con Tec Salud - Hopital Zambrano Hellion

Novus 2023 aprobado: Evaluación de atención y concentración en entornos reales de aprendizaje utilizando la actividad cerebral de los estudiantes

Aplicación a ciencia de frontera 2023: CF-2023-G-267

Diseño y desarrollo de prótesis de alta funcionalidad y comodidad para el mercado mexicano en colaboración con Dr Hugh Herr

Análisis y síntesis de control de seguimiento para redes de Petri
Leader: Carlos Renato Vázquez Topete.
Proyecto financiado por el programa Ciencia Básica CONACYT sobre el desarrollo de herramientas matemáticas para el diseño de controladores de automatización industrial (2017-2022). 

Business relationship

MAGNA CIMS, Ramos Arizpe Coah.
ZF Group, a traves de VantTec (practicas profesionales para 10 alumnos dedicados al desarrollo de un vehículo autónomo)
John Deere, Estudiante de la MCI (proyecto cuya información es clasificada)
General Motors, Global Technical Center, Warren Michigan, US
Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación (INR). Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Patents applied for and patents granted

• Máquina de Fabricación Mecánica, Eléctrica y Electrónica Aditivas en 3D, solicitada (us 62/781723)
• Patent MX377056. Granted on September 23, 2020
• Patent MX382653. Granted on May 13, 2021
• PCT Application  PCT/MX2018/050028