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Government and Public Entrepreneurship

About the Group

The Research Group is constituted as a space dedicated to building knowledge and producing tangible results derived from research projects related to the solution of problems in government and public entrepreneurship, among others.

The objectives of the Group are:
 - Determine needs, opportunities and research challenges of the main lines of action.
- Strengthen each of the lines of research.
- Generate research products with a high level of innovation and with a direct impact on society and the public sector.
- Contribute with Tecnológico de Monterrey to generate and promote a research culture.
- To advise the academic community and the business sector in the lines of work of the group.
- To advance in the achievement of research results of the School of Social Sciences and Government.
- Document each research project, as well as disseminate the results and products derived from it.


Research lines

• Government
• Public entrepreneurship
• Energy
• Regional and city development
• Public finance


Edmundo Molina Pérez -

Core researchers

Carlos Elizondo Mayer Serra
Isidro Morales Moreno


Adjunct researchers

Alejandro Alfonso Poiré Romero
Alejandro Díaz Domínguez
Edgar Arturo Barroso Merino
Luis Alberto Serra Barragán
Roberto Ponce López
Zeus Hiram Zamora Guevara



Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Competing coalitions: The politics of renewable energy and fossil fuels in Mexico, South Africa and Thailand
Authors: Rennkamp, B., Haunss, S., Wongsa, K., Ortega, A., & Casamadrid, E.

- Carbon tax effects on the poor: A SAM-based approach
Authors: Chapa, J., & Ortega, A.

- Competing actors in the climate change arena in Mexico: A network analysis
Authors: Ortega Díaz, A., & Gutiérrez, E.

- Developing a multiple-criteria decision analysis for green economy transition: a Canadian case study
Authors: Bagheri, M., Alivand, M., Alikarami, M., Kennedy, C., Doluweera, G., & Guevara, Z.

- Incognizance and Perceptual Deviation: Individual and Institutional Sources of Variation in Citizens¿ Perceptions of Party Placements on the Left¿Right Scale
Authors: Aldrich, J., Schober, G., Ley, S., & Fernandez, M.