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Ethics and Human Flowering

About the Group

Through different theoretical and interdisciplinary perspectives, this group investigates issues related to ethics and the construction of cultures of peace.
In the research on ethics, we focus primarily on issues related to human rights, business ethics, citizenship, and social responsibility.
As for the construction of cultures of peace, we conceive peace not only as the absence of violence but as a positive peace that is the result of a multiple and continuous process of search. This implies transcending direct, structural and cultural violence through creative ways of overcoming conflicts, recovering peacemaking abilities and fostering conditions of justice and recognition. We are interested in the link between peace studies and education, philosophy, arts, communication, gender studies, literature, history, and international relations.

Research lines

• Culture of peace, gender and human rights
• Studies on corporates and gender
• Sustainability and the anthropocene


María Concepción Castillo González -

Core reserchers

Carlos Sergio Sola Ayape
Dora Elvira García González
Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero
Margaret Echenberg


Adjunct researchers

Alfredo García Galindo
Armando Javier Díaz Camarena
Dejan Mihailovic Nikolajevic
Francisco Díaz Estrada
Francisco Xavier Sánchez Hernández
Inés Sáenz Negrete
Ivon Aída Cepeda Mayorga
Javier Alejandro Camargo Castillo
José Carlos Vázquez Parra
José Florencio Fernández Santillán
Juan Alberto Amezquita Zamora
Juan Dorado Romero
Judith Aurora Ruíz Godoy Rivera
Luis Moises López Flores
Luis Ricardo Fernández Carril
Mariana Gabarrot Arenas
Miguel Angel Martínez Martínez
Norma Estela Velasco Aguirre
Osmar Sánchez Aguilera
Vivian Natalia Vargas Escobar
Xenia Anaid Rueda Romero


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Desalination and water security in the US¿Mexico border region: assessing the social, environmental and political impacts
Authors: Wilder, M., Aguilar-Barajas, I., Pineda-Pablos, N., Varady, R., Megdal, S., McEvoy, J., Merideth, R., Zúñiga-Terán, A., & Scott, C.

- Does globalization affect top income inequality?
Authors: Cabral, R., García-Díaz, R., & Mollick, A.

- Climate threats, water supply vulnerability and the risk of a water crisis in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area (Northeastern Mexico)
Authors: Sisto, N., Ramírez, A., Aguilar-Barajas, I., & Magaña-Rueda, V.

- Research management systems: Systematic mapping of literature (2007-2017)
Authors: Velásquez-Durán, A., & Ramírez Montoya, M.

- School competition and efficiency in elementary schools in Mexico
Authors: Garcia-Diaz, R., del Castillo, E., & Cabral, R.