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Access to Justice

About the Group

The Research Group is constituted as a space dedicated to building knowledge and developing strategic plans and programs for the reform and strengthening of justice.
Proposals are put forward in response to the challenges presented by civil society in the area of justice. This supports justice as a fundamental right.

The objectives of the Group are:
 - Determine needs, opportunities and research challenges of the main lines of action.
- Strengthen each of the lines of research.
- Generate research products with a high level of innovation and with a direct impact on society and the public sector.
- Contribute with Tecnológico de Monterrey to generate and promote a research culture.
- To advise the academic community and the business sector in the lines of work of the group.
- To advance in the achievement of research results of the School of Social Sciences and Government.
- Document each research project, as well as disseminate the results and products derived from it.

Research lines

• Security and justice
• Regulation and infrastructure development
• International law and arbitration
• Law and technology
• Business & Enterprise


Roberto Garza Barbosa -

Core reserchers

Pedro Rubén Torres Estrada
Vicente Fernández Fernández


Adjunct researchers

Adrian Renteria Diaz
Ana Isabel Meraz Espinoza
Arán García Sánchez
Ignacio García Marín
Iliana Rodríguez Santibañez
José Heriberto García Peña
José Juan Anzures Gurria
Josefina Cortés Campos
Juan Carlos Montero Bagatella
Juliana Vivar Vera
Rebecca Victoria Martin
Roberto Lara Chagoyán


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Daily use of time, personal characteristics and experienced well-being
Authors: Ayala, E., Flores, D., Quintanilla, C., & Castaño, R.

- Welfare effects of the Telecommunication Reform in Mexico
Authors: Ayala, E., Chapa, J., García, L., & Hibert, A.

- La suprema corte de justicia de la nación y la imposición de medidas preliminares a los proveedores de servicios de internet
Authors: Garza Barbosa, R.

- Governance of marine living resources through international law La gobernanza de los recursos marinos vivos a través del derecho internacional
Authors: Aranda Girard, R., & Rodríguez Santibáñez, I.

- The transmission of the great recession (2008-2009) and the sovereign debt crisis (2010-2012) to latin america: An econometric study of the two crises impact on the region
Authors: Santillán-Salgado, R., & Ayala-Gaytán, E.