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Bioinformatics for Clinical Diagnosis

About the Group

The general objective of this group is to improve the quality of life of the Mexican population through the exploration and design of computational tools that use large sources of clinical, radiological, epidemiological, genomic and molecular information to discover and / or identify experimentally valid biomarkers that allow make sound decisions in clinical practice and public health.

Research lines

- Analysis of data and computational and statistical methods for the identification of biomarkers.
- Computer-aided diagnosis and detection.
- Mathematical and computational models for the study of the epidemiology of diseases.
- Experimental validation of biomarkers in cellular, molecular, animal or patient models.


Víctor Manuel Treviño Alvarado

Core reserchers

José Gerardo Tamez Peña
Juan Emmanuel Martínez Ledesma


Adjunct researchers

Alejandro Santos Díaz
Jessica Giselle Herrera Gamboa
Manuel Alejandro Martínez Vázquez
Maricruz Sepúlveda Villegas
Rocío Patricia Rojo Gutiérrez



Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Acoustic sequences in non-human animals: A tutorial review and prospectus
Authors: Kershenbaum, A., Blumstein, D., Roch, M., Akçay, Ç., Backus, G., Bee, M., Bohn, K., Cao, Y., Carter, G., Cäsar, C., Coen, M., Deruiter, S., Doyle, L., Edelman, S., Ferrer-i-Cancho, R., Freeberg, T., Garland, E., Gustison, M., Harley, H., Huetz, C., Hughes, M., Hyland Bruno, J., Ilany, A., Jin, D., Johnson, M., Ju, C., Karnowski, J., Lohr, B., Manser, M., Mccowan, B., Mercado, E., Narins, P., Piel, A., Rice, M., Salmi, R., Sasahara, K., Sayigh, L., Shiu, Y., Taylor, C., Vallejo, E., Waller, S., & Zamora-Gutierrez, V.

- Understanding the HPV integration and its progression to cervical cancer
Authors: Oyervides-Muñoz, M., Pérez-Maya, A., Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, H., Gómez-Macias, G., Fajardo-Ramírez, O., Treviño, V., Barrera-Saldaña, H., & Garza-Rodríguez, M.

- A new gene expression signature for Triple-Negative breast cancer using frozen fresh tissue before neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Authors: Santuario-Facio, S., Cardona-Huerta, S., Perez-Paramo, Y., Trevino, V., Hernandez-Cabrera, F., Rojas-Martinez, A., Uscanga-Perales, G., Martinez-Rodriguez, J., Martinez-Jacobo, L., Padilla-Rivas, G., Muñoz-Maldonado, G., Gonzalez-Guerrero, J., Valero-Gomez, J., Vazquez-Guerrero, A., Martinez-Rodriguez, H., Barboza-Quintana, A., Barboza-Quintana, O., Garza-Guajardo, R., & Ortiz-Lopez, R.

- Comparison of gene expression patterns across 12 tumor types identifies a cancer supercluster characterized by TP53 mutations and cell cycle defects
Authors: Martínez, E., Yoshihara, K., Kim, H., Mills, G., Treviño, V., & Verhaak, R.

- Baseline knee adduction moment interacts with body mass index to predict loss of medial tibial cartilage volume over 2.5 years in knee Osteoarthritis
Authors: Brisson, N., Wiebenga, E., Stratford, P., Beattie, K., Totterman, S., Tamez-Peña, J., Callaghan, J., Adachi, J., & Maly, M.