Ethics and Peace Studios


Ethics involves reflecting on the world in which we live, looking for a fairer place, seeking the good and happiness of people.
Ethics requires a continuous process of listening to reality and a commitment to find ways to think about the problems it faces.

Research lines

Peace studies

• Public politics
• Education for peace
• Communication


• Company and social responsibility
• Environment
• Social transformation


Dora Elvira García González


Ivon Aída Cepeda Mayorga
Osmar Sánchez Aguilera
Francisco Díaz Estrada
Florina Guadalupe Arredondo Trapero
José Florencio Fernández Santillán
Carlos Sergio Sola Ayape
Dejan Mihailovic Nikolajevic
Margo Echenberg

Associate professors

Alfredo García Galindo
Inés Sáenz Negrete
Javier Alejandro Camargo Castillo
José Carlos Vázquez Parra
Juan Dorado Romero
Judith Aurora Ruíz Godoy Rivera
Miguel Angel Martínez Martínez
Vivian Natalia Vargas Escobar


Doctoral students

Antoine Pierre Lejault
Betsabé Román González
Catalina Panait
Dayana Eugenia Saldaña Castillo
Diana Correa Corrales
Iza María Sánchez Siller
María Concepción Castillo González
María del Pilar González Amarante
Martha Roxana Vicente Diaz


Conference Presentations

- Potentiating Virtue, Resilience before Violence: A Research from The Students’ Perception to Build Peace Cultures, Edulearn16 Proceedings
- Narrative Imagination: 150 Students Working in the Construction of Peace Cultures, Edulearn16 Proceedings
- The Challenge of Evaluating Peace Education from a Gender Perspective, Inted2017 Proceedings.
- Between Discourse and the Real Perception of Abuse. A Binational Survey on Gender Violence as a Starting Point for Peace Education, Inted2017 Proceedings
- Two Educative Experiences to Contribute to a Culture of Peace through the Perspective of Gender Studies, Edulearn17 Proceedings
- A Creative Writing Workshop as a Proper Place for Peace Education: A Novel, Edulearn17 Proceedings


- Matrices de paz.  Bonilla Artigas Editores.
- Razones para la paz. Recrecom.