Education Research and Innovation


This group focuses its research on educational innovation in three main areas: management of educational institutions; sociocultural contexts of the digital technology; and teaching and learning processes for a knowledge-based society in diverse areas with an emphasis on science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Some of the multidisciplinary research projects and topics include: impact of innovation strategies in education (gamification, inverted classroom), resources (virtual and remote laboratories, augmented reality, open resources), educational environments (e-learning, b-Learning, m-learning, 3D virtual environment, MOOC), virtual communities (academic writing, educational leaders), training (teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs), skills development (ethical, civic, critical thinking, problem solving) and impact assessments (Tecnológico de Monterrey Educational Model: Tec21, public policy programs).

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Research lines

• Psychological-pedagogical studies
• Studies on the development and use of technology in education
• Disciplinary studies in education
• Educational management studies
• Sociocultural studies in education


María Soledad Ramírez Montoya (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)

Core researchers

Blanca Rosa Ruiz Hernández (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Jaime Ricardo Valenzuela González (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Juan Manuel Fernández Cárdenas (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Juana Julieta Noguez Monroy (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Katherina Edith Gallardo Córdova (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Leonardo David Glasserman Morales (Miembro del SNI - Nivel Candidato)
Luis Jaime Neri Vitela (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Marcela Georgina Gómez Zermeño (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
María de los Ángeles Domínguez Cuenca (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Norma Patricia Salinas Martínez (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Ruth Rodríguez Gallegos (Miembro del SNI - Nivel Candidato)
Yolanda Heredia Escorza (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)


Adjunct researchers

Carmen Celina Torres Arcadia (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Cynthia Concepción Castro Ling
Darinka del Carmen Ramírez Hernández
Eliud Quintero Rodríguez (Miembro del SNI - Nivel Candidato)
Elvira Guadalupe Rincon Flores
Gabriela María Farías Martínez (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Genaro Zavala Enriquez (Miembro del SNI - Nivel I)
Jose Rafael López Islas
Katiuska Fernández Morales
Leopoldo Zuñiga Silva
Lorenza Illanes Díaz Rivera
María Guadalupe Villarreal Guevara
Mildred Vanessa López Cabrera
Olivia del Roble Hernández Pozas
Santa Esmeralda Tejeda Torres (Miembro del SNI - Nivel Candidato)
Silvia Lizett Olivares Olivares

External researchers

Armando Lozano Rodríguez
Javier Montoya Del Corte
Martín A. Mercado Varela
Norma Patricia Salinas Martínez

Doctoral students

Adriana Berenice Valencia Álvarez
Martín Alonso Mercado Varela
Miguel Ángel Ochoa Vásquez
Violeta Guadalupe Corpi Ortiz

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