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Sustainable Territorial Development

About the Group

This is a space focused on the generation of knowledge and its goal is to promote research pro-jects that will help people overcome the big challenges society and the country face, thus strengthening the strategical lines defined by EAAD (School of Architecture, Art and Design) as: “City and territory”, and “Design for social innovation”.

Research lines
  • Resilience and adaptation to climate change
  • Analysis of territorial dynamics
  • Equitable cities


Aleksandra Krstikj

Core reserchers

Lucía Martín López

Adjunct researchers

Alessandra Cireddu
Alfredo Henry Hidalgo Rasmussen
Carlos Cobreros Rodríguez
Emanuele Giorgi
Fernando Curiel Gamez
Jorge Carlos Sanabria Zepeda
Julieta de Jesús Cantú Delgado
Karen Hinojosa Hinojosa
Laurence Bertoux
Leticia Gaytán Hernández Magro
Lorena Guadalupe Zazueta Valenzuela
Luis Fernando Villarreal Ugarte
María Elena de la Torre Escoto
Marisol Ugalde Monzalvo
Pedro Damián Pacheco Vázquez
Rubén Garnica Monroy
Viviana Margarita Barquero Díaz Barriga


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Sustainable development of rural areas in the EU and China: A common strategy for architectural design, research practice and decision-making
Authors: Cattaneo, T., Giorgi, E., Ni, M., & Manzoni, G.

- Landscape, architecture and environmental regeneration: A research by design approach for inclusive tourism in a rural village in China
Authors: Cattaneo, T., Giorgi, E., & Ni, M.

- Coherences and differences among EU, US and PRC approaches for rural urban development: Interscalar and interdisciplinary analysis
Authors: De Lotto, R., Cattaneo, T., Giorgi, E., & Venco, E.

- Architecture without architects: Luis Barragán's glance through North-Africa and middle-east architecture Arquitecturas sin arquitectos: La mirada de luis barragán por las arquitecturas del norte de áfrica y medio oriente
Authors: Curiel Gámez, F.

- Exgated: Intervention to mitigate the impact of the Mexican gated communities over territories and cities
Authors: Ascencio-Anaya, T., Caudillo-Plascencia, M., Ramírez-García, E., & Giorgi, E.