Finance and Macroeconomics


Contribute to the development of Mexican companies through their integration into national and international financial markets, we promote a better understanding of the relation between companies and global macroeconomic conditions.

Research lines

• Corporate finance and financial markets
• Financial development and economic growth


René Cabral Torres

Core researchers

Eduardo Saucedo de la Fuente
Mazin Abood Muhammad Al Janabi
Osmar Hazael Zavaleta Vázquez
Roberto Joaquin Santillán Salgado
Samuel Arturo Mongrut Montalvan

Adjunct researchers

Alberto Ortíz Bolaños
Alejandro Fonseca Ramírez
Alejandro Ibarra Yunez
André Varella Mollick
Aydin Ozkan
Daniel Cerecedo Hernández
Humberto Valencia Herrera
José Antonio Núñez Mora
Luis Arturo Bernal Ponce
Montserrat Reyna Miranda 

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