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Marion Emilie Genevieve Brunck - Faculty

Marion Emilie Genevieve Brunck, Profesora investigadora

Marion Emilie Genevieve Brunck

Professor Researcher 

Campus Monterrey, School of Engineering and Sciences, Tecnológico de Monterrey.





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Marion E. G. Brunck received her PhD in Immunology and Systems Biology from the University of Queensland (Australia) in 2015, and her post-doctoral training from the Translational Research Institute in Brisbane, Australia (2016). She joined Tecnológico de Monterrey as faculty in 2018, and is currently an investigator at the Biotechnology Center-FEMSA. 

Marion Brunck's research focuses on mechanisms that regulate immune cell functions. Her laboratory (, currently hosts 4 MSc. students, 2 Ph.D students, and counts with the suite of necessary equipment to undertake successfully immunology and synthetic biology research (BD FACSCelesta flow cytometer, culture biosafety hoods, incubators, microbiology and molecular equipment). As a team, the lab is interested in understanding endogenous and exogenous triggers that modify the phenotype of immune cell and their progenitors, to provide insights into possible applications of immunomodulation for therapeutic purposes. 

Marion received a competitive research scholarship from Stem Cells Australia to complete her doctoral studies, where she applied OMICS methodologies including Next-Generation DNA and RNA sequencing and mass spectrometry to study human neutrophils. Marion has extensive experience (>15 years) and expertise in the use of flow cytometry for immunology, obtained during her Honours thesis research in the lab of Prof. Ian Frazer (inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine), and during her PhD and post-doctoral studies, as evidenced by multiple high impact research article publications (Marion authored 18 highly cited peer-reviewed research articles, h-index: 11). 

Marion is an active member of the Mexican Society of Immunology, the Mexican Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering and the American Association of Blood Banks. Through these associations, TEC's School of Engineering postgraduate society (Rho Factor) and the academic group SACBE STEM, which supports and promotes the involvement of women in science, Marion regularly participates in mentoring activities and public interventions to democratize access to cutting-edge knowledge and contribute to shaping a healthier and better-informed future generation.

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Teaching Activities

  • Applied Immunology for the Health Industry
  • Doctoral Defense
  • Doctoral Research
  • Guided Research
  • Molecular Biology
  • Research Proposal
  • Research and Innovation Methods
  • Science Communication
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Education and Training

PhD in Immunology and Systems Biology, The University of Queensland

Bachelor of Science, The University of Queensland


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  • Partial recovery of mrjp1 protein expressed in pichia pastoris using chromatographic technique. Recuperación parcial de la proteína mrjp1 expresada en pichia pastoris utilizando técnicas cromatográficas.  Revista Mexicana de Ingeniera Quimica.  20:147-160. 2021 
  • The role of B cells in heart failure and implications for future immunomodulatory treatment strategies.  ESC heart failure.  7:1387-1399. 2020
  • Immobilization of Growth Factors for Cell Therapy Manufacturing.Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.  8. 2020 
  • Ex vivo manufactured neutrophils for treatment of neutropenia-A process economic evaluation.  Frontiers in Medicine.  6. 2019 
  • Universal Alternative Splicing of Noncoding Exons.  Cell Systems.  6:245-255.e5. 2018


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Awards and Honors

COURSERA Understanding Research Methods, conferred by University of London, 2021

COURSERA Influencing People, conferred by University of Michigan, 2021

COURSERA Leading Teams completion, conferred by University of Michigan, 2021

COURSERA Inspiring and motivating individuals, conferred by University of Michigan, 2021

Mexican Researcher Certification - Level 1 (Brunck,Marion Emilie Genevieve)