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Business Analytics

About the Group

This research group seeks to develop and optimize data analysis for strategic decision making in various sectors and areas such as operations, supply chain, consumer analysis and marketing, finance, etc. Through the modeling and use of predictive and visualization models and processes, among others.

Research lines

  • Econometrics and modeling
  • Social media analytics
  • Data mining and predictive modeling
  • Prediction of time series
  • Customer analytics and marketing
  • Operations and logistics


Raúl Francisco Montalvo Corzo -

Core reserchers

Federico Trigos Salazar

Adjunct researchers

Eric Porras Musalem
Jesús Cuauhtémoc Téllez Gaytán
Miguel Angel Gil Robles
Ricardo Pérez Navarro
Sonia Monárrez Martínez
Xiomara Vázquez Guillén



Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Maximising profit for multiple-product, single-period, single-machine manufacturing under sequential set-up constraints that depend on lot size
Authors: Trigos, F., & López, E.

- A vulcanising decision planning as a particular one-dimensional cutting stock problem with limited part-related tooling in make-to-order industrial environments
Authors: Trigos, F., & López, E.

- Multiobjective mathematical model for selection of tactical suppliers integrating sustainability criteria and business volume discounts
Authors: Torres-Ruiz, A.

- Optimization of surface roughness on slitting knives by titanium dioxide nano particles as an additive in grinding lubricant
Authors: García, G., Trigos, F., Maldonado-Cortés, D., & Peña-Parás, L.

- A simulation-based heuristic that promotes business profit while increasing the perceived quality of service industries
Authors: Trigos, F., Vazquez, A., & Cárdenas-Barrón, L.