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About the Group

Our group focuses on the development of technology platforms based on bioprocesses and synthetic biology that generate new applications, new products and new production systems. Our main research lines are: a) Design of bioprocesses, b) novel technologies for bioseparation, c) technologies for measurement and early detection and d) synthetic biology.

The bioprocess line focuses primarily on the design, implementation and scaling of unique biotechnological processes for products with commercial potential. The objective of the research line of novel technologies for bioseparation is to generate new strategies for recovery and purification that result in new platforms and products (proteins, enzymes, cells, etc.). The development of technologies for early detection involves the design and use of the micro-devices process for the creation of measurement systems. The research line of synthetic biology focuses on generating unique microbial production systems for obtaining high-value products.

Research lines

  • Bioprocess design   
  • Innovative bioseparation technologies   
  • Measurement and early detection technologies   
  • Synthetic biology


José Guillermo González Valdez

Core reserchers

Alejandro Juan Alvarez Guerra
Daniel Guajardo Flores
Hafiz Muhammad Nasir Iqbal
Jorge Alejandro Benavides Lozano
Luz María Martínez Calderón
Marcos De Donato Capote
Oscar Alejandro Aguilar Jiménez
Roberto Castro Muñoz
Roberto Parra Saldivar
Sujay Paul

Adjunct researchers

Ana Mayela Ramos De la Peña
Andrés Antonio Torres Acosta
Daniel Alberto Jacobo Velázquez
Edgar Acuña González
Edgardo Jorge Escalante Vázquez
Elda Madai Melchor Martínez
Jesús Hernández Pérez
Luis Alberto Mejía Manzano
Marco Arnulfo Mata Gómez
Sauri Hernández Reséndiz
Teresa Vargas Cortez


Top 5 of publications 2015-2019

- Nanofluid of graphene-based amphiphilic Janus nanosheets for tertiary or enhanced oil recovery: High performance at low concentration
Authors: Luo, D., Wang, F., Zhu, J., Cao, F., Liu, Y., Li, X., Willson, R., Yang, Z., Chu, C., & Ren, Z.

- Inflammation following acute myocardial infarction: Multiple players, dynamic roles, and novel therapeutic opportunities
Authors: Ong, S., Hernández-Reséndiz, S., Crespo-Avilan, G., Mukhametshina, R., Kwek, X., Cabrera-Fuentes, H., & Hausenloy, D.

- Chlorogenic Acid: Recent advances on its dual role as a food additive and a nutraceutical against metabolic syndrome
Authors: Santana-Gálvez, J., Cisneros-Zevallos, L., & Jacobo-Velázquez, D.

- Multi-point enzyme immobilization, surface chemistry, and novel platforms: a paradigm shift in biocatalyst design
Authors: Bilal, M., Asgher, M., Cheng, H., Yan, Y., & Iqbal, H.

- Hazardous contaminants in the environment and their laccase-assisted degradation - A review
Authors: Bilal, M., Rasheed, T., Nabeel, F., Iqbal, H., & Zhao, Y.